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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Seven Minutes Of The Taxpayers' Money

Thanks to the generosity and support of Spencer Howson, I was lucky to make my first performance on the ABC recently.

Now, when I say "first", I'm talking about first appearance with the appreciation of a functioning adult. 

I'm not counting the time I got to pretend to read the news at the ABC stand at the Ekka.

Or the time I boneheaded a live cross to a news report outside a courthouse because I was looking at my phone and almost walked into the reporter.

Or the time in 1992 where I was in a 7.30 Report story about a busload of football fans who took a coach down to Sydney for the Broncos' first grand final and they asked me to retrieve a map I had in my bag and they filmed me showing it to them amd then used a voice-over that implied I was looking at a map the whole way down BUT I WASN'T I NEVER EVEN LOOKED AT IT LIE PEOPLE GET ME MEDIA WATCH.


It was a fun and exciting thing to do, doing live breakfast radio and at an outside broadcast with a live audience; rushing and frantic.  I was so out of it, I didn't even recognise Emily Seebohm sitting there in her Olympic tracksuit and gold and silver medals around her neck.  I later thought that it seemed kind of unfair how I wasn't allowed to swear on-air in the song and yet I was immediately followed by a C-bomb...  Boom.  Tish.


In the very brief interview before the song, I plugged two things I've got coming up:

  • Ladies Comedy Night, which is a series of three Sunday nights (September 30, October 7 and October 14) where there is a changing lineup of top female comedians and one token male comic who is there to be a representative of all men ever.  Which is me.  Apparently.  I'm the man.  It.  Me.  Sorry, bros.  I got this one. 

    The women are all top comedy people, including Anne Edmonds, Melinda Buttle, Jenny Wynter, Kat Davidson, Ellen Briggs, Mandy Nolan, etc.  You can get more info from Kat's page or from the Sit Down Comedy Club.