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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Comedy Sunday Sesh -- 22 July

This is a gig which I am doing next week that's going to be OFF THE HOOK. 
Peter Pan.

My photo is courtesy of Smurphotography.

It's a comedy showcase with some of my absolute favourite local acts - Pete Rosky, Cameron Duggan, Dan Rath, Sam Campbell and Joe Shaffer, with Fred Lang as MC.  I recommend them all.  A thoroughly funny lineup and for a bargain of a price.  REAL GOOD Yeah wow POP.

The tickets are $15.  Buy them through me directly and I will do you a deal.  $15 each but if you buy 2 or more, I'll put them down to $10 each.  (So, 2 for $20, 3 for $30, 10 for $100.)

This is just a deal I'm doing - you can't get it if you book through the club or buy tickets at the door. 

So buy your tickets direct from me, not through the club.  I'm going renegade on these ticket mofos like Louis.  You buy through the club for this one, then you have to pay a booking fee and all that crap.  So nuts to that and just see me about tickets.  I'd rather get you in cheaply and see a great show for less.

If you want tickets - AND YOU DO - get in touch with me somehow. 
  • You can tweet me, send me a FB message, shoot me a message in the comments section (it should work like a private message because I moderate the comments). 
  • I can fix you up with direct debit, Paypal or cash, if you know you're going to see me sometime this week. 
  • Then I can organise to post you the tickets or give them to you on the night.

Okay, sexy cats.  See you there!

James  x

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