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Friday, April 23, 2010

Go Fudge Yourself

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We're continually trying to come up with new ideas/themes for our shows. One idea that's been stuck in my head for a while was doing a musical/opera version of Brian De Palma's Scarface. It was rife with possibilities in my mind at least.

  • Tony arrives on a boat from Cuba with his best friend Manny and dreams of making it big ("The World Is Yours").

  • A conversation-song with Sondheim-like complexity with the two officers joking around with him ("The Interrogation").

  • The Sunset Motel sequence in interpretive dance ("The Chainsaw Ballet").

  • A Do-Re-Mi style teaching song where Tony tells his lovelorn friend Manny how to impress a girl ("You Get The Money, Then The Power, Then The Women").

  • Frank pleads with Tony not to kill him, and offers him Elvira. Tony refuses. ("Stay Loyal").

  • The good times montage ("Take It To The Limit", from the original movie) where Tony marries Elvira.

  • Tony, out of his mind on cocaine, sings a tormented solo of how he's betrayed/murdered so many of his friends and family ("Oh Manolo")

  • ... which transitions into Tony's explosion of rage ("My Little Friend") and a spectacularly choreographed dance piece with explosions and gunfire.

  • The finale with Tony and all of his victims rising from the grave, warning the audience about the dangers of having too much ambition and greed ("The World Is Yours (Reprise)").

  • The show ends by exploding talcum powder (i.e. cocaine) over the front row of the audience.

People told me it wasn't a good idea because someone had already done it and it flopped.

I Googled it to make sure and, while I never found any evidence of a failed musical, I did come across this little viral video that's a motherfudging gem and a little bit disturbing.

It's so wrong but so cute. I love that they replaced the pile of cocaine with popcorn.

So yeah, no matter how much I wanted to make Scarface The Musical, it'll never top that. Back to the drawing board on top of the well.

Goodfellas On Ice? You genius, James. The world really is yours.

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