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Thursday, February 25, 2010

When He Was Young, Jimmy Had A Crush

When I was young, I met a girl. I decided I liked her and decided to let her know it.

The crush didn’t end well.

The letter I wrote to her will hopefully explain why.

Dear Kate,


I just wanted to write you this letter and again tell you how sorry I was sending you to the sick bay. It was seriously not my plan to throw the teeball bat that hard but I get excited. I am not the sporty type and when I finally hit a big one and got to first base, I got too excited.

How gross is that bottle of Dettol that’s in there? I think it’s been there since we were in grade one. Haha. I hope they didn’t use it on your eye. It looks like wee.

Can you believe Miss McMaster? She is such a butt. She sent me to the principal’s office. She is sometimes nice but she owns way too many Phantom comics for one lady to own. The Phantom is cool, but she has too many. Did you know she lives across the street from Aaron and Aaron says she lives at home with her mum? They have a Jesus cross on their door.

One time I accidentally kicked a boy in the nuts while playing basketball then ran away. He was tall and I didn’t know what to do. It’s a good thing you don’t have nuts. Hahahaha.

Writing is hard.

Also, I am sorry for what happened at the pool for swimming classes. I do not know how to dive properly yet and just seem to step off the blocks with my arms stretched out. I get nervous around pools and you. Hope your head is okay.

I also wanted to say sorry that I gave you a poor mark on the math test. Yes, me. I got to mark them, because Miss MacMaster saw how good I was, getting full marks. I got to go into her desk and get a red pen and everything. She has more Phantom comics in there. You are not very good at multiplying but you will get better.

Your freckles are really cute. I have a freckles too but not as many as you. Mum says it is because we have sensitive skin because our families are from england. I love you.

Ow, my hand is tired.

I seen at the Plains Video down the road that there is a sequel to American Tail coming soon where the mice become cowboys. That’s so awesome, isn’t it? There will never be a better movie than the one with cowboy mice.

It does not come out for two weeks but when it does I thought you might like to come over to my house and watch it. We now have two video tape players so if you want my dad can make you a copy. Or we can play my new NES with the zapper POW! If you want, I got this new AFL football. It’s not official AFL but it’s a red football but you are a girl and may not like football. You like Peter Andre more? Maybe we could get a Slurpee and listen to Peter Andre. I dunno. The Zapper would be cooler.

My phone number is 2693121. Seven numbers and you don't even have to multiply. Hahaha. Please call me if you want to and I hope you do.

See you at school. I am sorry and hope you get better at maths. Happy Valentines Day.

Grade 3 version of James

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit... I wept a little. It's like Romeo & Juliet all over again.