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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Flight Of Fancy (MICF 2010)

Late. It's late. So late.

I have to write new stuff for The Complete First Season tomorrow morning - new project underway this weekend - but, given I finally have my compootah back from the compootah doctah, I wanted to properly browse the brand spankin' new Melbourne International Comedy Festival site. Finances are likely to prevent me from making a trip this year (boo) but I went through and shortlisted shows I'd be keen to see WERE I GOING.

As usual, I generally picked shows that wouldn't make their way north. However, the Brisbane Comedy Festival has expanded and included a whole batch of acts from Melbourne or on their way to Melbourne. In this list, I also included a couple of Brisbanites who, although I've seen them up here, I want to see how they go down south and support 'em.

So, you know, this is a loose collection of shows I'd like to see in Melbourne if I could. No reasons needed other than vague curiosity and personal preference. You're free to disagree.
You see what I meant about finances being a problem? There's just too damned much on.

Feel free to make other recommendations in the comments.


The Ninja Chicken said...

Nice list. I would have to agree with most of the ones I know. The only one I'm dubious about is Claire Hooper. I've heard horrible things about her comedy stylings. Would love to see Micallef & Curry thought & Ross Noble is always fun.

James said...

There's a few there - like Claire - who I've only seen in TV appearances. But I've had experiences where acts I quite dislike on TV are very funny in real life. Not that I dislike Claire, I'm just curious to see what her live shows are like.

Ross Noble is another example - never seen him live. Fascinated.

James said...

Recommendations from miss Melinda Buttle (whose aforementioned show I listed)...
- Sarah Millican - Typical Women
- Josh Earl vs. the Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book - although I purposely didn't include Josh since I knew I'd be seeing his show up in Brisbane, but I second the recommendation. I saw him perform in 2007 at Laugh-A-Palooza (a musical comedy showcase) and he was quite the impressive funny music man.