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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Facebook Blues

Happy damn ass new year everyone!

As per usual, it's been a while between drinks, and by 'drinks' I mean, 'bloggy Mary's' and 'YouTubeUploadmapolitans'. I could use the excuse that I've been busy (and I have been) but I'm ultimately in a bit of an idea wasteland at the moment. And if I do have ideas, I tweet them. December and January are always flat out for me because of my job and Christmas, so I have been quite exhausted. I've only been posting an average of one video a month to YouTube, and they haven't been that flash hot or remarkable.

Today is no exception, as I'm really revisiting the past. And fixing it.

I finally got around to remaking and reposting my Facebook song from 2007. As you may recall, in November, my original video was pulled for supposed copyright violation and, regardless of what my honest understanding of parodies and copyright law was, my complaints and pleas went generally unheard (although the relevant claimants did post an informative yet sarcastic-inverted-comma-laced reply on my angry angry blog post).

The new song is similar - in the same style - but different enough I feel, and I actually like it more than the original.

Here is the link to YouTube.

It uses the same lyrics and images, but with a different (albeit 'Dylan-esque') song. The new song has a different chord progression throughout, in a different key throughout, with a different melody throughout and a different arrangement - I recorded all elements of the backing track myself (guitars, drums and vocals). So, it's technically a different song. Just in a similar style.

Also, the title of the song has changed to omit the original artist who it is parodying - the copyright claimants asserted that including that artist's name was misleading! If you honestly thought he would do a whole song about features of Facebook, you are an idiot and don' t deserve to be his fan.

If you had favourited the video, I apologize for the whole mixup and hope you like this song

If I take anything out of all of this, it's that I should strive beyond parody songs. It's lazy comedy. Even Weird Al's albums are half-filled with originals.

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