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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dates. Six Of Them.

I'm gonna get back into doing comedy. I've taken an extended break, not doing any spots/gigs since December 5th. If I may get personal here (and I will, it's my damn blog), I had a bit of a self-loathing and paranoid episode where I didn't have ideas or jokes and didn't think I was funny at all or I thought that people disliked me intensely, especially comedians, blah rah yada, but I came through that. On advice from other comics, I've been writing more - jokes and bits, more than songs, but the songs will come back into it when I find the right thing to sing about.

So, yeah, I'm getting back to it. And I have six spots lined up.
  • Feb 2nd - Opium Den Comedy Club - I've pimped this a few times and will continue to do so. It's a new room at Inspire Gallery, West End, a good night of local noobs and pros with improv joke battles. It's getting a good rep now with a lot of local familiar faces popping in. Here's the event page and the Fan page.

  • Feb 10th - my Raw Comedy Heat at the Sit Down Comedy Club. I'm nervous about this one. It's going to be a tough heat. Damn. Details? Why SOITainly. Here.

  • Feb 12th - The Comedy Zone (St. Paul's Tavern) - fun little Friday gig with the acts you'd see at the Sit Down. LINKCOMINATCHA.

  • Feb 14th - Livewired @ The Powerhouse - always nice. Big stage. Big crowd. Laidback Sunday New Farm.

  • Feb 15th - Newmarket Hotel Open Mic

  • Feb 21st - Kitty O'Shea's Open Mic
Also, expect new things from The Complete First Season in the next month or so (like a new website if I can stop cocking it up for a day or two). We're going to try something different and something regular. And I'll tell you about it when it's closer to being done. :)


Oh, and a follow up on the last post. Yeah, that one.

Since that little outpouring a couple of weeks ago, things went back to normal. That night, I watched Up several times and drank and that cheered me up a bit, but it was arguably as effective as Panadol is at curing cancer.

My usual cathartic means of removing displeasure and feelings of rejection is to watch High Fidelity. Misery loves company and all but it comes out good at the end, with a sense of hope. This time, though, I went with Up. It was a big ol' helium filled shot of happy that helped a bit, but it's not going to replace the quotable misery sponge feelgood pop-music laced romantic comedy brilliance that is High Fidelity.

Thanks to all the nice comments here and on Facebook to let me know that people know exactly, to appropriate Shannon Noll's debut album title, what I'm talkin' bout.

Cheers, Nollsy.

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