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Friday, December 4, 2009

Some People Just Don't Listen. Or They're Stupid.

A customer was looking for an item of stationery which was pictured in this week's catalogue.

It was in this shape...

The stationery, that is. Not the customer.

Since we were sold out, I referred her to the courtesy phone where she could ring another store to inquire as to the availability of such container/receptacle for her child's pencils.

On the phone, she described to the staff member at the other store the item as "an item pictured in your catalogue, it's a Tinkerbell pencil box in the shape of a diamond."

I noted her error in geometric identification. I said, looking some papers to shuffle instead of looking at her directly ... "Actually, that's a hexagon."

She says "(to me) Thank you. (into the phone) Sorry, it's a hextangle."

I paused. Giggle. Shuffle.

I made a mental note to tweet, Facebook status update and blog about her.


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