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Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Just Blue Myself: Avatar And The New Era Of Moviemaking

As the world prepares to blast off to Pandora - the fictional setting of James Cameron's Avatar - via a hype-fuelled space shuttle, we should reflect on the true significance of this film.

In the same year Americans welcomed their first black President, overcoming centuries of intolerance, so too do they welcome into their culture the first movie with such a large cast of blues (or, to be politically correct, 'Navy Americans').

Before boldly heading forward into this new world of tolerance towards the blue man, let us remember the actors and actresses who were pioneers, trailblazers, and symbols for equal rights for Navy Americans in Hollywood.

Where will they lead us? A brighter and bluer future. So, yes, a lighter shade of blue. Not to discriminate against those with darker shades of blue... oh boy... you know what I mean. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

But most importantly, movies will never be the same. How soon until we see blue artists moving behind the camera as writers and directors, making stories for, by and about the blue community - the blue-nity? Who will be the blue Spike Lee? Who will be the blue Denzel Washington? Time will tell.

I look forward to Tarantino's tribute film to 'bluesploitation' cinema.

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