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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stanhope Tuesdays

Okay. Calmed down slightly. Listened to some pretty music on the CD's sent to me by Spencer Howson for coming up with a funny question to ask Michael Apted. Calming. Slightly. You've really never heard Bryan Adams music until it's performed by a Welsh soprano and sung in Spanish. Sent emails to both YouTube and Web Sheriff. The Web Sheriff one was of a more respectful and inquisitive tone, while the YouTube one was probably written in haste with the anger of a man who knows he's screaming at a wall but doesn't care. I'm still pissed off about it, but I can rest a bit. The video still seems to play from my MySpace page.


I want to drop a mention bomb on yo asses of a new comedy room that's opening next week.
It's named after (but not officially linked to) alternative comedian Doug Stanhope.
And it's on a Tuesday.
Sure enough, it's called "Stanhope Tuesdays". (Facebook Fan Page)

It'll be every Tuesday at the InSpire Gallery, 71 Vulture St, West End (not too far from the intersection of Vulture and Boundary) at 7:30PM.

It's free to come along to.

It's an opportunity to give some decent local comics some more stage time and support, particularly the ones who do material with a little more edge that won't find them in the lead role of a family-values-oriented sitcom. That said, Bob Saget on Full House disproves that.

So it'll be a fun little night, please come and support the local comics, so they can keep doing these nights. If the nights are enough of a success, these lesser known acts can even get a percentage of the bar takings.

They have a small liquor licence for the venue so get in quick before it fills up on the night. Should be good!


Also, news came to hand that the Wednesday night Rogues Gallery gig at Bramble Bay Bowls Club next week is postponed, so I have that Wednesday night free now.

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