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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stanhope Tuesdays: Stand Up, Improv, Joke Battles

What a darn week and a half it's been of highs and lows. As you probably saw, I got a response from Web Sheriff re Bob Dylan's Facebook Song - not via email but on my blog (click for comment popup). Their response was at least partially helpful, clarifying their position, yet was laced with sarcastic quotation marks - the kicker being "sorry". I responded via email much more politely and rationally than my initial reaction, but have heard no further response as yet.

I received some more info on Stanhope Tuesdays - a new comedy room starting up this Tuesday at West End. Sounds like it's going to be a fun and interesting night, not just another stand up room, there'll be improv and joke battles of the sort...

This Tuesday at the “Inspire Gallery Bar” at 71 Vulture Street West End, there will be a standup/improv comedy night, commencing at 7.30 p.m. Each act will be roughly 5mins of standup and 5mins of improv after.

At the beginning of the night there will be a hat passed around the audience and members will be asked to write down subjects on a piece of paper and put it in. (e.g. global warming) The comedian pulls one out of the hat and tries to riff on the subject for 5mins. If they struggle they can pull out another suggestion and try to riff on that. All in all 5mins of standup and 5mins of improv.

Then later in the night there will be joke battles where two comedians get up and the audience yells out a topic or a word and both comedians try and make a joke on the spot. Whoever gets the best reaction will stay and the other guy will sit down and another comic will take his place. Whoever survives the most rounds gets bought a drink. ;)

No comedians will get any payment for performing in this venue, and they won’t allow us to do tickets. Please help create a fun room for comedians to perform in and at least recoup your traveling costs. Come and get your friends to come this Tuesday 1st December, and let’s get this project off the ground

Here's the Facebook event page for the opening night and the Facebook fan page. I'll be there to support. :)

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