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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Battle On!

Super cool YouTuber dctcool nominated me for a contest on YouTube called "Battle Of The YouTube Nonstars" in which a weekly video challenge is set for twenty-four contestants and then people vote for their favourites. People are eliminated each round until one victor is ... well, victorious. User SamProof is running it this time around.

So my battle is up and I'm up against ciwi286 - wouldn't you know it, the first battle and I'm up against a visual effects artist. Dammit. That said, at least I'm not up against another musician who's more competent than I am (and there are much more competent musos in the contest).

I have to write and post a video in the next day or two, but if you want to help a brother out, please go to the video linked here and post a comment voting for almostfamous83. Voting closes midnight August 11th and you can only vote for one person in each battle once (no fake accounts will be accepted).

But while you do, please check out all of the other users who have been nominated in the battles. It is a friendly competition. The whole point of the contest is to raise awareness of YouTubers who don't have as many subscribers as they should and to give them some promotion, so please do check it out.

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