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Sunday, August 30, 2009

2009 UQ Law Revue Vidjeohs

Yeah. I spelled it "vidjeoh". Like an illiterate Mexican would.

Made it to this year's UQ Law Revue on Friday night and as usual a pleasant night out. Well done to all involved.

Highlights for me were "the elephant in the room"; a Romeo-and-Juliet love story involving royal blue and burgundy coloured snuggie wearing gang members; a seemingly-improvised skit involving an incompetent judge being reviewed; a beat poem (very cool, cat, I dig ya), and; the guest speaker at a Bachelor of Arts graduation ceremony.

And again, the videos by Ryan Van Dijk were of high quality production. Find them here. :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Complete First Season's X & Y Gig

I just got home from another Complete First Season performance - this time, an all musical comedy show. Our friends at the X & Y Bar on Ann Street, Fortitude Valley are trying to establish a regular musical comedy room called "Laugh Your X Off" and we were some of the peeps who got to perform, along with MC Chris Wainhouse and Brisbane musical comedic duo The Laundromats. Jo was out due to Law Revue commitments, and Marc was out because... well... just coz, leaving myself, Alex, Grdo and Tom to take it.

One day, all six members of The Complete First Season will do a show together. Someday. Otherwise, 'complete' just isn't the right word to describe us. :p

We essentially recapped all of the musical highlights from "22 Sketches..." and "More Iguana: Now With More Iguana" but played three new songs as well, including a doo-wop rant about Masterchef and a fat-joke laden Beatles parody. All new material went down a treat.

This was a very new format for us, to perform as a musical comedy group, given musical comedy was only a fraction of our sketch shows. But the material successfully translated, which means we can realistically adapt it quite easily should we need to do it again.

I hope X & Y continue to do this event and get it advertised amongst the Brisbane comedy scene. There are so many open mic rooms and clubs that have been popping up over the years, but this is the first event I'm aware of in Brisbane that has a specialty (musical comedy).

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Les Miserables Cast Pics

Here are some supercool pics of the cast of Les Miserables which is being produced by Ignatians Musical Society.

The Cast

AGH! Have I not stressed to you how frigging spectacular this show is going to be??

Every rehearsal there's some new element that's added that makes it a little bit more real and a little bit more cool. Today we sang with the orchestra for the first time, got into costumes and got our pictures taken a lot.

This is easily one of the coolest things I've been lucky enough to be a part of and we're not even all the way there. It's going to be epic. It will be spectacular. Do not miss it. Don't.

20 PERFORMANCES from September 18th to October 16th at the Schonell Theatre, University of Queensland. Ticketing and box office info from the Igs site - Group and family bookings available.

"These men who seem to know my crime will surely come a second time." -- Jean Valjean

"I dreamed that God would be forgiving..." -- Fantine

The Students
"Do you hear the people sing..." -- Enjolras

You Robbed A House
"Do not forget me, 24601." -- Javert

"It's a world where the dog eat the dogs..." -- Thenardier

Photos courtesy of Simone de Haas.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The almostfamous83 Song

So here is my introductory (and hopefully not the only) video for Battle Of The YouTube Non-Stars #3. I woke up this morning to discover my rival had posted their video and suddenly burst ahead of me in the voting, so I hope hope hope I'm not too late with this submission.

You can vote here at SamProof's "Round 1" video. You can only vote once though and it's gotta be before midnight August 11th. So go! Vote for me! Now! Please! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Battle On!

Super cool YouTuber dctcool nominated me for a contest on YouTube called "Battle Of The YouTube Nonstars" in which a weekly video challenge is set for twenty-four contestants and then people vote for their favourites. People are eliminated each round until one victor is ... well, victorious. User SamProof is running it this time around.

So my battle is up and I'm up against ciwi286 - wouldn't you know it, the first battle and I'm up against a visual effects artist. Dammit. That said, at least I'm not up against another musician who's more competent than I am (and there are much more competent musos in the contest).

I have to write and post a video in the next day or two, but if you want to help a brother out, please go to the video linked here and post a comment voting for almostfamous83. Voting closes midnight August 11th and you can only vote for one person in each battle once (no fake accounts will be accepted).

But while you do, please check out all of the other users who have been nominated in the battles. It is a friendly competition. The whole point of the contest is to raise awareness of YouTubers who don't have as many subscribers as they should and to give them some promotion, so please do check it out.

You Took The Wink Right Out Of My Text (Cold Winter's Night)

I did something silly and wasteful. Saturday night/Sunday morning, I sent a tongue-in-cheek "vent your spleen" text to mX which read like this...
To those loud, drunken women Saturday night who got off the Caboolture train at Strathpine just after midnight and were vocally concerned someone would rat them out to mX for being loud, drunken idiots... you got your wish. ;) - J
When it appeared published in mX today (Tuesday August 4th, 2009), there were two notable omissions. One, the word "vocally" was replaced by "so". I'm fine with that - that was to save space in an already long message.

But, secondly, in the printed version, they omitted the ;) emoticon, meaning it read like your garden variety, petty, idiotic complaining mX reader complaint. It suddenly read without the cheeky tone.
To those loud, drunken women Saturday night who got off the Caboolture train at Strathpine just after midnight and were so concerned someone would rat them out to mX for being loud, drunken idiots, you got your wish.
Maybe I should send a "vent your spleen" text about how the "vent your spleen" column doesn't print emoticons.

I should have added a post-script about fat elderly pregnant women in wheelchair not being given seats on the bus as well...


OH, and while we're on rewriting peoples' quotes for space-saving means but making them sound totally fake, how about this... right next to the "vent your spleen" column was one of those people-on-the-street polls, where they ask three people a question, take their photo then publish their responses...
What is your favourite movie comedy of all time?
  • Answer #1 - "Wedding Crashers, because it's funny."
  • Answer #2 - "Aquamarine because it is really funny."
  • Answer #3 - "Friday, because it's funny."