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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It Starts Here

Yesterday was my birthday. I can now no longer honestly say I'm 22 years old.

I'm 26 now, so that rule's sorta been in effect for three years.

But yeah, yesterday the 27th of July was my 26th birthday. The family bought me a thick wool underblanket for my bed. My girlfriend Jac has now bought me an excellent present two years in a row (last year, Tales From The Crypt DVD - this year, two N64 games I wanted) and makes me love her more that she pays attention and gets me the right things. But it must be a sign of ageing when your birthday just feels like "another day". My family and Jac went out to dinner at a French restaurant the night before, but as for the day itself? Same as usual. Slept in till 10, got up, groomed, went to work for 8 hours, did little actual work, came home.

Lying in bed last night - VERY late, didn't properly fall asleep till 3:45-ish - I was overwhelmed by a sense of "what am I doing?" I'm now a 26 year old, two years out of university, didn't go into his studied profession, no idea what to do, still living at home, unable to drive, without full time employment and working a casual retail job I have no real emotional attachment to any more. Other impending private matters I won't divulge here have been put into motion and are compelling me to, effectively, grow up.

I've hence decided to set myself a challenge.

Every single day, I'm going to achieve one act of self-improvement and advancement out of arrested development.

I will force myself to write a song/sketch. Or sort out the clothes in my room. Or actively investigate job opportunities. Apply for full time work. Or cook the family meal. Go to the dentist. Go for a jog. Take a driving lesson. I'm aiming to book in three driving lessons in the next week.

It's basically a New Years Resolution-a-thon. Except the New Year is my twenty-seventh year and didn't begin in January.

One a day. Even if it's small. Something productive. No more wasting time.

Let's go. Self-improvement starts now.

... but first, to bed.

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