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Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello YouTube, I'm Back

I haven't uploaded a video to YouTube since the Comedy Festival back in March. This has been due to
  1. me not having any ideas that I thought were worth doing
  2. working on Complete First Season material (some of which is up on the The Complete First YouTube Channel)
  3. being busy with preparation for Les Miserables (for which tickets are now on sale)
  4. other personal issues that I won't go into here but know I wasn't in a happy place. I'm still kinda there, but more on that later. Maybe.
So this week, I decided I'd get back into putting some things back on YouTube. I have a handful of short songs that I never got around to writing or recording because they were just silly little things.

This most recent one
I wrote for 22 Sketches... back in November and was one of the songs I did at my first open mic at the Newmarket Hotel. It didn't go down that well at Newmarket, but it got a HUGE laugh and cheer at both of the 22 Sketches performances. I have video of it live, but it's out of focus. So here it is: my one joke ode to Brisbane drinking venues.

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