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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Movie Previews: Subdivision + Gomorrah

Saw two movie previews in the last week...


Last Thursday I went to a test screening of a movie called Subdivision starring Gary Sweet, Bruce Spence, Steve Bisley, Brooke Satchwell and Ash from the Nova breakfast show (in, effectively, the lead role). It was directed by Sue Brooks of Japanese Story and set in Hervey Bay (shot on the Gold Coast). It was an interesting experience - I'd never been to a test screening before, had to fill out cards about what we thought about the characters, etc.

Keeping in mind that it was obviously a rough cut and it would be tweaked/edited well before the release in August, I thought it was a pretty average movie as it was. It's about builders and contractors and real estate and working class families. It was trying too hard to be overly Australian - jokes about home brew, blue collar workers, mateship, playing footy, characters named Digger, Singlet, Jack. And you've got the three blokiest actors of the last thirty years (Sweet, Bisley and Spence). It didn't know whether it was trying to be a comedy or a drama - there were overly dramatic sequences and overly comedic sequences. But I only really laughed out loud once. I will be interested to see how the trailer markets it. There was about 20-30 minutes of extra scenes and subplots I would have cut out, it ran for 2 hours as it was - they might have been great, quiet and still acting moments but they did nothing to forward the story.

Anyways, keep an eye out for it, but I myself wouldn't have paid to see it - just doesn't interest me.


Last night, I saw a screening of Gomorrah - an Italian film that won a prize at last year's Cannes - a sprawling, disjointed drama following FIVE stories (all at once) that don't crossover that are all linked to the "camorra" (the mafia organization in Naples). It's a gritty and brutal movie - made me feel dirty and uncomfortable. The violence and murders are shocking. I thought it was like City of God by way of Babel - crime organizations in a slum, but incredibly depressing and all over the place. It's a stunning film, yes, but again, not my cup of tea.


I'm currently editing a sketch we shot last Sunday for The Complete First Season's upcoming website, but I've had bursts of inspiration the last few days for a couple of songs, that I want to hurry up and write/record as soon as I can and then shoot videos.

"Get off the roof, Gary Sweet!" (Ben and I were both thinking this during the movie)


Gary Sweet Lover said...

Leave Gary Sweet alone! I think your attack on Gary Sweet is unfair!

He is one of the best Actor's has EVER produced. This movie is sure to create a hollywood buzz that is long overdue!

Anonymous said...

Mate the film was shot in Hervey Bay not the Gold Coast. I know I was in the movie...

James said...

Apologies. I read - when I googled the movie - that it was being filmed on the Gold Coast. Didn't realize it was being predominantly filmed in Hervey Bay AND in parts of the Gold Coast...