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Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Sorry

I've been bad.

I've been neglectful of YouTube.

I'm sorry guys.

It's been six weeks since I posted a video and that was just a 10 minute video blog about what I was going to see at the Comedy Festival.

Well, the fact is, I haven't had any ideas for things worth putting up on my YouTube channel. I could put shit up, but why?

If I've been doing video work, it's been the weekend shooting and editing of skits for The Complete First Season's YouTube channel and website.

It's been going slowly but progressively, considering we've all been quite scattered location-wise over the last few months, but we're about to get back into it. We've shot three sketches so far. Yesterday we reshot the first Kevin Rudd monologue with Grdo and in doing so, we came with the concept for the next Rudd monologue.

At some point, Grdo adjusted the Rudd wig so it wasn't so "mullety". I had been joking that he looked like Kevin Rudd if Kevin Rudd thought he was Luke Skywalker. He put a hair tie in it, and he suddenly reminded me of Val Kilmer in Heat.

Today we shot a sketch at Marc's new apartment then spontaneously decided to go ten pin bowling. Which we hadn't done in years. The alley still had the original Time Crisis and Daytona USA games. Vintage. :D

So, that's what I've been doing. I really want to get back to making something for the almostfamous83 channel but it's a case of find the time and the inspiration. The very very long overdue video for Unsubscribed could be it, but, like I said, I need the time and the inspiration.

This made me laugh though. :D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Letter To Lars

Dear Lars von Trier,

Do you need a hug?

Please cheer up.

If Mike Leigh can go and make a happy movie, so can you.



P.S. Dogville was great.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Prime Minister In My Room

Spent an hour or two this morning with Grdo filming a Complete First Season bit...

The clips attaching the greenscreen to my wall fell off not five minutes after we finished - fortunate timing. Unfortunate for the wall...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Movie Previews: Subdivision + Gomorrah

Saw two movie previews in the last week...


Last Thursday I went to a test screening of a movie called Subdivision starring Gary Sweet, Bruce Spence, Steve Bisley, Brooke Satchwell and Ash from the Nova breakfast show (in, effectively, the lead role). It was directed by Sue Brooks of Japanese Story and set in Hervey Bay (shot on the Gold Coast). It was an interesting experience - I'd never been to a test screening before, had to fill out cards about what we thought about the characters, etc.

Keeping in mind that it was obviously a rough cut and it would be tweaked/edited well before the release in August, I thought it was a pretty average movie as it was. It's about builders and contractors and real estate and working class families. It was trying too hard to be overly Australian - jokes about home brew, blue collar workers, mateship, playing footy, characters named Digger, Singlet, Jack. And you've got the three blokiest actors of the last thirty years (Sweet, Bisley and Spence). It didn't know whether it was trying to be a comedy or a drama - there were overly dramatic sequences and overly comedic sequences. But I only really laughed out loud once. I will be interested to see how the trailer markets it. There was about 20-30 minutes of extra scenes and subplots I would have cut out, it ran for 2 hours as it was - they might have been great, quiet and still acting moments but they did nothing to forward the story.

Anyways, keep an eye out for it, but I myself wouldn't have paid to see it - just doesn't interest me.


Last night, I saw a screening of Gomorrah - an Italian film that won a prize at last year's Cannes - a sprawling, disjointed drama following FIVE stories (all at once) that don't crossover that are all linked to the "camorra" (the mafia organization in Naples). It's a gritty and brutal movie - made me feel dirty and uncomfortable. The violence and murders are shocking. I thought it was like City of God by way of Babel - crime organizations in a slum, but incredibly depressing and all over the place. It's a stunning film, yes, but again, not my cup of tea.


I'm currently editing a sketch we shot last Sunday for The Complete First Season's upcoming website, but I've had bursts of inspiration the last few days for a couple of songs, that I want to hurry up and write/record as soon as I can and then shoot videos.

"Get off the roof, Gary Sweet!" (Ben and I were both thinking this during the movie)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

For Sale. One bottle of Decore. Very good conditioner.

The bottle of conditioner in my shower says that it's for "dry, coarse and rebellious" hair.


Dry and coarse I'm cool with, but "rebellious" makes me think that my hair is a sentient being. I'm not comfortable with the notion that my hair is developing political attitudes, antagonistic opinions and a moral code.

And also, if it's for dry, coarse and rebellious hair, I shouldn't need to use it when I'm in the shower. In the shower, my hair is not dry nor coarse - it's wet and slick. And rebellious? It's going exactly where I point the shower head, punk.


... yes, I still have hair. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm Tweetin' For Me

I signed up for Twitter in January and deleted my account ten minutes later after not seeing the point. I then reactivated it in March not knowing why but possibly because it was growing in popularity and I was convinced I'd missed something.

Then I saw the potential of it - I wanted to use it so I could remember the minutae of my life. I'd read Michael Palin's diary and it was a fascinating documentation of the Python years written at the time, so I kinda wanted to do that for myself - quick snippets of my life and thoughts, no matter how pedantic or miniscule they might be. Not particularly caring if anyone read it, I tweeted for me. Ideas, jokes and observations I could use for later material.

Tonight I repeatedly clicked the "more" button at the bottom of my Twitter page until all of my tweets were revealed. I deleted the pointless ones like "going to work" and "off to bed" without any funny twist or comment, and streamlined it.

So these were some of said thoughts and moments recorded on Twitter...

I've signed up to Twitter and I don't know why... (12:22AM Jan 6th from web)

I've restored my Twitter account upon realizing I update Facebook way too much (11:57PM Mar 12th from web)

On a crowded train populated by footy fans - all named Terry, Stuart, Sharon or Deb.

I'm just waiting now for Twitter to fuck it all up like Facebook did.

WHY did the Power Rangers always wear clothes with identical colours to theirRanger outfits if they wanted to keep their identities secret?

Doing bad yoyo tricks during rehearsals.

There are FOUR posters for the stupid looking Dragonball movie on this bus's windows. Excessive...

Gettin my creepy on.

Going to start watching Season 4 of The Wire. (10:28PM)
Where's McNulty? There's no McNulty. (11:13PM)
Oh there he is. (11:17PM) 

Oh you wacky Asian DVD pirates who think the youth of today won't know Helen Mirren's neckline when they see it...

Listening to ABC classic FM through my phone... I feel like I'm in a plant nursery shopping for ferns.

Off to see Tom Stoppard's The Real Inspector Hound at UQ. But first ... pants.

I wonder if these kids wearing 1991 Broncos jerseys know what "Powers" was...

Stabbed a can of V. An unorthodox method of opening a soft drink, I'll admit.

I think I've written the first song to feature a reference to drinking panda blood... wow...

had an idea for doing a short parody of the wonder years with hitler called "das wunder years."

"und standing zere... in ze darkness ... I realized somezing..."

Am I unhappy and depress or just tired? I'll know in the morning... (11:02PM Mar 24th)
Feeling better than last night, was in a dark place... (2:04PM Mar 25th)

What in the hell is Michael Jackson singing in Black Or White other than "it don't matter if you're black or white"??

mX photo looks awesome!! Page 5.

Gerard told me a story about "Two Gay Fishermen Named Walt and Andy". What an awesome title.

Jeanne Tripplehorn sounds like a porn name. And yet it's not.

I think I want to see a Matthew McConnaughey movie ... what's wrong with me?

OWWWWWWWWW... stepped on a bee!! Fuck you bee! (2:53PM Mar 28th)
Ah welcome back, second-to-big toe. (2:38AM Mar 31st)

Vitamin Water is stupid.

Drunk old man just got on the bus at the local football club. I'm betting he chucks.

Family of fatties in front of me at Subway. The mother just stepped out of line and went to KFC.

Trying an orange Rockstar energy drink... tastes like one of thoes Golden Circle drinks... except now I can see through time...

Gold Coast! Stop hogging all the water!

Savage Garden were shithouse philosophers.

I need to open my eyes when I play onstage.

This guy is a dead ringer for Mark from Rent. Repressed the urge to publicly address this.

Bogan at the train station is determined to expel as much spit and gas fom his body as possible. (1:33PM)
He sounds shocked that his girlfriend would leave if him if he was sent to jail. (1:36PM

Finally remembered to send back faulty Memento DVD. The irony of this overwhelms me.

Is it ironic to be afraid to do the chicken dance? Quite appropriate really.

Two guys on motorbike are circling each other in the hypermarket parking lot. Oh wait, one has an L on his back ... (9:31AM)
... he must be a member of that infamous Learner Biker Gang that start learner fights in learner airports. (9:32AM)

Let's ... Get ... Miserables.

Girls on the train keep mistakenly saying "pissed as a mute".

Emancipated. Emaciated. Two different words.

Received a Birch Carroll and Coyle email offering to "see Wolverine before anyone else". Huh. Written before the leak, obviously. (11:03AM Apr 9th from web)

I want to see Easter Mythbusters. Bearded guy in beret gets crucified, dies, doesn't come back. MYTH BUSTED... SBS gets angry letters.

My god there was so much dust in my room. But it WAS low fat though.

Is Andrew Hansen the John Cleese equivalent in the Chaser group? The "frightfully witty" one? Andrew Hansen as Q in the next Bond movie...

Evacuated by fire alarm. Not sure if it's a drill, because there's a truck. (4:45PM)
Yup, it was real, but it's over. A wedding party nearby is incorporating the fire truck into their wedding photos. (4:49PM)
The string quartet is told to keep playing, throughout the whole ordeal. Just like the Titanic. (4:50PM)

The church band sound like a Filipino Mitch and Mickey.

A Jew walks into a bar... ... ... mitzvah.

A blonde, an Irishman and a minister walk into a bar and thus reduce the impact of each others' stupid statements to the bartender's question.

I'm eating Mongolian Lamb from a Chinese takeway place. Why didn't I just go to a Mongolian takeaway place instead?

Turned on radio, first song was the theme from Friends. Accurately predicted I was listening to 97.3

Girls on train were loudly discussing boob jobs. It occurs to me that I don't know anyone personally with fake ones... I think...

I wonder how many people instinctively thought of buying a billiard table with their stimulus money.

Two guys on the train who look like James Blunt are trying to chat up two jailbait age girls, one of whom looks like a hot Anna Paquin.

Dylan Moran made a joke about Croatia on DVD playing in the room. Housekeeping maid pipes up. "That is my country. Hehe."

In the cab to the airport. Wanting to scream out goodbye to the landmarks we pass ala the end of Muriel's Wedding. Jac won't let me.

I dislike it when people say "build a bridge and get over it". When they say that do they realize that bridges take some time to construct? (5:27PM Apr 26th from web)

You need approvals and permits, you need to source materials like concrete and metals, machinery, etc. -- it's a drawn out process. (5:28PM Apr 26th from web)

Exploring - there is no listed "fear of stripes". Interesting.

I have mad people skills, you bloody idiot.

"Cover you fucking mouth when you're coughing, woman on bus." Right, that sounds right, now to actually say it... (12:12PM Apr 29th from mobile web)

... she got off before I could say it. (12:13PM)

Went to the video shop, rented out the movie 'Jumper'. Took it home, put it on, disc kept skipping. Irony?

There was no way that dude was getting a credit card. He was unemployed, picking his bum and didn't realize he had a de facto.

Man on street corner selling the Big Issue described it as "finger licking good". I'm not going to eat the magazine, dude.

I am the least likely candidate to play Tony Soprano. Whoopi Goldberg would be a more convincing Tony Soprano than me.

Separated at birth: WALL-E and Keanu Reeves. Evidence: a love of the word "whoa".

So the difference between "Most Oustanding" and "Most Popular" Logies are that Most Outstanding is what the plebs SHOULD have voted for...

My God. I want to get drunk at the Logies at some point in my life. What's the easiest way to do so? Reality show contestant?

Am going through deleting all of my unnecessary tweets. The irony of me tweeting this is not lost on me. (about 1 hour ago from web)

Monday, May 4, 2009

The March Continues

Seems the peeps at a Hewlett Packard office made an office Christmas party video of their own called March of the Engineers. I don't get it, but still, looks like they had fun...

... and here's the original. Again. :D


Adam Richard was keen eyed and spotted this wardrobe malfunction by Shelley Craft during the red carpet interviews at the Logies...

Photo on Adam's website.

What a fun night of simultaneously drinking, watching the TV, following Twitter feeds from the event and chatting. It was the most interactive Logies I've watched. :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

In Stitches

Jesus, more comedy festivals.

With the Sydney Comedy Festival underway - still in the shadow of the Melbourne one - and the even smaller Brisbane Comedy Festival back in March, a week of great comedy acts are coming to QPAC in June for the In Stitches program.

There's some solid acts coming to, many of which aren't that well known up in Brisbane but have made names for themselves in Melbourne and Sydney.
On top of that, there's a night called "Stand UP Brisbane!" with a lineup of local comedians you may have seen around the local comedy scene - Greg Sullivan (Triple M's The Cage), Jimmy Poulos, Sean Choolburra, Fiona McGary, David Eastgate, Bart Freebairn, Stephen Head, Melinda Buttle and Gary Fludder.

Ticket prices and dates vary but it's all around QPAC at South Bank over a week at the end of June/start of July.

I'm personally looking forward to seeing Sammy J and Heath McIvor doing In The Forest of Dreams - it's a brilliantly written and performed show with astounding music and puppetry. I saw their shows independently this year - Sammy's 1999 and Heath's Randy's Postcards From Purgatory - but I've heard a lot about Forest of Dreams and now I get a chance to see it.