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Friday, April 17, 2009

Repeating Myself (But With Pictures)

A video blog about the shows I'm seeing in Melbourne. Effectively repeating what I said several blog entries ago, with some changes.

We're not seeing Maeve Higgins' show now because of a clash with Celia Pacquola, but we're seeing her at the Festival Club tomorrow night anyway, so it works out. Great great lineup at the Club tomorrow - Adam Hills, Jason Byrne, Tom Gleeson, Nina Conti, Rich Hall, Maeve Higgins, James Galea and Al Madrigal.

Added The Shambles on the recommendation of Spinks and Daniel - funny Melbourne sketch comedy guys, have their own show on Channel 31 in Melbourne. Check out their YouTube channel.

Kitson sold out in one day. Damn.

Taking the camera (the old Panasonic one) to do any video blogging or else they'll be on my phone. Meeting up with a familiar YouTuber (can't say who) on Monday night to make up for the absence of shows. So expect a video or two on each of our channels.

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