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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Two iguanas down ...

... one to go.

Only twenty or thirty tickets left! WOOT! Get your tickets before they disappear (where to? you're the bishop you tell me)

Our second performance of More Iguana: Now With More Iguana tonight. The feeling was that it was an enhanced show than the Friday night show.

We were expecting 30-40 members of the MEAA tonight, but only four or five showed up. Nonetheless, we managed to sell those tickets to people who just rocked up, after seeing the plug in the Courier Mail this morning.

The air conditioning was back on THANK GOD. As expected, laughs were often in different places - some things that got laughs on Friday didn't always land, and some things that didn't go well on Friday got showstopping laughs tonight. Go figure. Different audience. You can never assume.

Grdo's opening monologue got a lot more laughs than Friday.

Next to no technical hiccups. Gerry forgot his line in a song which led to quite the awkward silence, with both myself and Alex prompting him. He made up for it by ad libbing a funny line when an audio cue was delayed in a later sketch, so not to worry G.

One night to go. We're filming this one. With two cameras. So expect clips and photos soon.

Have a callback for the Igs production of Les Miserables tomorrow morning - we'll see how that goes...

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