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Saturday, March 28, 2009

One iguana down...

First night of More Iguana: Now With More Iguana is over.

I'll try not to go into (detailed) spoilers about content in the show, but tonight was the first performance and it went down quite well.

It took the audience a little while to get into - about twenty minutes - but by the thirty minute mark, everything was landing well. All three monologue/rant sketches were well received : Grdo's monologue was appreciated for its subtlety and accuracy, as was Marc's and Alex's near blood vessel bursting speech scored big laughs.

One or two technical muckups that were covered well by the cast - the wrong audio cue played preceding the wrong sketch, a chair and microphone were set up in the wrong places.

Air conditioning failed and EVERYONE was sweating profusely - audience, cast, techies. In a full house, this was very uncomfortable.

But it was a solid first night - good energy from all. Left people with a smile. Have to keep that up for the next two shows.

The Chaser were allegedly filming a stunt down the street just before the show started. We should have given them free tickets.

Two more nights to go - tickets still available online -

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