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Monday, March 9, 2009

Every Five Years, It Happens

Following on from last night's post about Telethon '77, I realized that it's also been five years since the 2004 Law Revue - what I consider the critical turning point in my time at university. I also realized that I didn't join the choir in primary school until 1994.

So let's chart this.

1994 - join the choir, start doing school musicals. Confidence boosted when at low point.

1999 - do the Mount A/Padua musical. Dozens of new friends, confidence and self-esteem boosted when at low point.

2004 - do the UQ Law Revue. New friends with whom I am still friends with and whom I consider my closest circle. Confidence and self-esteem boosted when at critical point.

This has led me to a realization. Every five years, I get involved with something that's successful and ultimately takes my life in a new direction, opening me up to brand new people, relationships, opportunities.

Which means I'm due this year.

What's coming up?

Raw Comedy.

The Complete First Season shows.

Les Miserables.

And now we wait.

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