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Friday, March 27, 2009

Almost Iguana Time!

Had our tech run in the theatre tonight, fit in two run throughs of the whole show including scene transitions. First run through went okay but a lot of dragging parts. Second run through was great, had a lot more energy. You could tell it was better, snappier. You can feel it's going to be a very tight and well-done show. We're proud of it. We're sure the audience will love it.

Run time came in at 1 hour 15 min, which is exactly what we were aiming for - nothing needs to be cut for time.

Friday night has sold out, but there are still tickets for Saturday and Sunday's shows. Go to our ticketing page at

And here's one for the scrapbooks. Page 5 of the Brisbane mX. They forgot the contact details, but still, it's getting our name out there.

Reptilian comedy is all a bit sketchy <= it's a pun! We're in a headline pun!

Looking for some theatrical value? Take in More Iguana: Now With More Iguana, the latest offering from comedy troupe The Complete First Season. This is the second show for the group - all UQ Law students - following last year's 22 Sketches You Must See Before You Die. Metro Arts Studio at 109 Edward St, from March 27 to 29.

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