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Monday, March 30, 2009

(No) More Iguana

... all done!

We (being The Complete First Season) finished our run of More Iguana: Now With More Iguana last night. We sold out all three shows (so that's about 350 people), despite my initial concerns about slow ticket sales, and the majority of the material was really well received.

I'll start posting clips of the show onto our YouTube channel and I have to set up the website soon. But here are some pics from the show.

Thank you to everyone who came to the show to support us - thanks to Fee and Gerard who joined the cast and helped us out - thanks to mX and the Courier Mail for the plugs - thanks to Adam, Alan, Toby and Chris for devoting their time to helping out behind the scenes.

Here's some pics of the show...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Red Bull Maths

I said I'd do a March Out For March video, so I finally did. Originally I was going to do a video with bad yoyo tricks that I'd made up, but I figured "I'm out of the house, I may as well just do one now". First video I've shot on my phone... should have just paid the extra $5 a month for a better camera...

My toe hurts. I got stung by a bee and have had an allergic reaction to it - it's swollen up and it's itchy...

Last night of More Iguana tonight!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Two iguanas down ...

... one to go.

Only twenty or thirty tickets left! WOOT! Get your tickets before they disappear (where to? you're the bishop you tell me)

Our second performance of More Iguana: Now With More Iguana tonight. The feeling was that it was an enhanced show than the Friday night show.

We were expecting 30-40 members of the MEAA tonight, but only four or five showed up. Nonetheless, we managed to sell those tickets to people who just rocked up, after seeing the plug in the Courier Mail this morning.

The air conditioning was back on THANK GOD. As expected, laughs were often in different places - some things that got laughs on Friday didn't always land, and some things that didn't go well on Friday got showstopping laughs tonight. Go figure. Different audience. You can never assume.

Grdo's opening monologue got a lot more laughs than Friday.

Next to no technical hiccups. Gerry forgot his line in a song which led to quite the awkward silence, with both myself and Alex prompting him. He made up for it by ad libbing a funny line when an audio cue was delayed in a later sketch, so not to worry G.

One night to go. We're filming this one. With two cameras. So expect clips and photos soon.

Have a callback for the Igs production of Les Miserables tomorrow morning - we'll see how that goes...

One iguana down...

First night of More Iguana: Now With More Iguana is over.

I'll try not to go into (detailed) spoilers about content in the show, but tonight was the first performance and it went down quite well.

It took the audience a little while to get into - about twenty minutes - but by the thirty minute mark, everything was landing well. All three monologue/rant sketches were well received : Grdo's monologue was appreciated for its subtlety and accuracy, as was Marc's and Alex's near blood vessel bursting speech scored big laughs.

One or two technical muckups that were covered well by the cast - the wrong audio cue played preceding the wrong sketch, a chair and microphone were set up in the wrong places.

Air conditioning failed and EVERYONE was sweating profusely - audience, cast, techies. In a full house, this was very uncomfortable.

But it was a solid first night - good energy from all. Left people with a smile. Have to keep that up for the next two shows.

The Chaser were allegedly filming a stunt down the street just before the show started. We should have given them free tickets.

Two more nights to go - tickets still available online -

Friday, March 27, 2009

Almost Iguana Time!

Had our tech run in the theatre tonight, fit in two run throughs of the whole show including scene transitions. First run through went okay but a lot of dragging parts. Second run through was great, had a lot more energy. You could tell it was better, snappier. You can feel it's going to be a very tight and well-done show. We're proud of it. We're sure the audience will love it.

Run time came in at 1 hour 15 min, which is exactly what we were aiming for - nothing needs to be cut for time.

Friday night has sold out, but there are still tickets for Saturday and Sunday's shows. Go to our ticketing page at

And here's one for the scrapbooks. Page 5 of the Brisbane mX. They forgot the contact details, but still, it's getting our name out there.

Reptilian comedy is all a bit sketchy <= it's a pun! We're in a headline pun!

Looking for some theatrical value? Take in More Iguana: Now With More Iguana, the latest offering from comedy troupe The Complete First Season. This is the second show for the group - all UQ Law students - following last year's 22 Sketches You Must See Before You Die. Metro Arts Studio at 109 Edward St, from March 27 to 29.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Update... get it? up + date?

A lil video update in which I basically say things I've already said here plus a few more things.

Our new show "More Iguana: Now With More Iguana" is on in ONE WEEK!

If you love anything the UQ Law Revue, you'll love this show (because it's by some of the guys from that).

Get your tickets now, don't wait till the last minute!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Five Hundred Subscribers!

My subscriber count on YouTube clicked over to 500 people just before - WOOT! It only took 3 years.

Thank you hopesfate. Whoever you are.

Your cake is in the mail.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh, You Wacky Bootleggers

Oh you wacky Asian DVD bootleggers. You crack me up.

My friend kindly loaned me his DVDs of UK comedy-drama Skins when I wanted to watch it. But I noticed that he, quite clearly, had bought a bootleg copy of it.

The cover of the DVD case is quite clearly just the poster for the 2003 Helen Mirren comedy "Calendar Girls" with a cast photo from Scrubs inserted, and then some swimsuit model's crotch and legs Photoshopped in...

It looks... weird... and funny too...


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

As Of The 17th Of March

  • I now have a Twitter account and I'm addicted. I can now give significance to things that really don't deserve them. Every single movement I make in order to obtain a coffee from Starbucks will be detailed and scrutinized in 140 characters or less.

  • New Facebook sucks. I'm not the first nor the last person to say that. We will all adjust or just move on. It's not the end of the world.

  • More Iguana tickets still on sale - please come! The show's next week, getting excited and nervous. There's a possibility I may have to write a new song at short notice to fill for another one.

  • I also set up The Complete First Season Twitter but there's not much on it yet...

  • Auditioned for Les Miserables tonight. Now I wait for the verdict.

  • Did Raw Comedy semi-final last week, didn't get through to the final. The guys who got through were all good. Might still yet get a wild card.

  • Very very very much want to see Greg Mottola's Adventureland. Trailer looks fantastic. I can watch Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig in anything.
See? Twitter has diminished my ability to write full paragraphs - just these concise factoids.

Friday, March 13, 2009

YouTube Insight glitch

Why does this happen every week?

There's some glitch with YouTube insight that, every Thursday or Friday, sees my combined daily views take a nosedive like they were publicly listed on Wall Street.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Every Five Years, It Happens

Following on from last night's post about Telethon '77, I realized that it's also been five years since the 2004 Law Revue - what I consider the critical turning point in my time at university. I also realized that I didn't join the choir in primary school until 1994.

So let's chart this.

1994 - join the choir, start doing school musicals. Confidence boosted when at low point.

1999 - do the Mount A/Padua musical. Dozens of new friends, confidence and self-esteem boosted when at low point.

2004 - do the UQ Law Revue. New friends with whom I am still friends with and whom I consider my closest circle. Confidence and self-esteem boosted when at critical point.

This has led me to a realization. Every five years, I get involved with something that's successful and ultimately takes my life in a new direction, opening me up to brand new people, relationships, opportunities.

Which means I'm due this year.

What's coming up?

Raw Comedy.

The Complete First Season shows.

Les Miserables.

And now we wait.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Telethon '77

Tonight, after multiple glasses of wine, I attempted to ease off to sleep by lying down on my bed, turning the lights off and quietly plucking my guitar. As I did so, I found myself playing the opening of Ronan Keating’s cover of When You Say Nothing At All. And with that very familiar opening riff, I found myself transported back through time. That riff reminded me of the times I played it during drama rehearsals after school, with a distinct and beautiful winter sunset striking the sporting ovals of Padua College, St. Anthony’s or Mount Alvernia. It conjured up memories of seeing movies like Notting Hill at the now-closed Dawn Theatre in the evenings.

And thinking about the year preceding the current millennium, something occurred to me – it’s been ten years since Telethon ’77.

What was Telethon ’77?

Telethon ’77 (“Telethon”) was the musical produced in 1999 by Mount Alvernia (the girls school) and Padua College (the boys school). Unlike most school productions, each odd year, the show was an original script (even though it used licensed pop songs for the musical numbers) put together by a production team, some of whom were not teachers at the school at all, just friends and former students. Think about Mr. G and how he alternated serious musical / original production.

Premise: a 24 hour telethon at a failing community TV station in 1977 Brisbane and how it affected the lives of all the people working there. Thinly veiled parodies of Bert Newton and Don Lane have a bitter falling out then reunite. Other thinly veiled parodies of 70’s celebrities like Jamie Redfern did renditions of 70’s pop hits that were ultimately ruined by the poor production values of the station. It all turns out well in the end, the station is saved and everyone sings a slightly altered “We Are Family”.

It would be years later before I realized the satirical premise of the show – a spoof of 70’s disaster movies with B-grade celebrities (hence the title’s allusion to the Airport series). Gags and references to 70’s moments that I didn’t follow at the time, but got them some time later. It suddenly explained why they included “The Morning After” from The Poseidon Adventure, and it wasn’t just because they were singing it on “the morning after”. Golden.

What also occurred to me is that, in that ten years, I haven’t been involved in a show that big since. My law revues featured casts of only sixteen, and likewise with the school plays back in high school as well. I looked through the program which I’ve kept with a whole bunch of other school memories and see a cast of 60-70, plus a crew of at least 20. The show ran over two weeks. There was a massively constructed set. It was done in the San Damiano Centre (where all Padua/Mount A musicals have since taken place, I believe) with quite the large crowd of parents and friends every night.

To some it may have been just a school musical – and, in hindsight, it probably was – but I remember it being one of the defining things of high school for me. Like the Law Revue years later, Telethon came along at a time when I was in a social and emotional rut, low on confidence and self-esteem.

I was opened up to whole new groups of friends, most of which subsisted up until the end of school. Friends that I would do drama productions with, play in concert bands and orchestras with, attend birthday parties, semi-formals, formals with.

I remember getting pumped up backstage in a massive circle with everyone as Bohemian Rhapsody blasted over the speakers. It was a head banging countdown to when we went on.

I remember there being some strange fascination with Marcia Hines permeating throughout the production crew.

I remember the mass exodus every weekend rehearsal at lunchtime for Hungry Jacks down the road. I remember everyone mucking around with the jukebox down there, and one particular person's fascination with Credence Clearwater Revival songs.

I remember there being drama over the stage kiss, which, in hindsight, was blown a bit out of proportion.

I remember a camel cutout on wheels that was continually redecorated to accommodate the musical number in question. It worked fine for “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” but surreal in a song about the Titanic (“Down Among The Dead Men”).

I remember flinching at having eyeliner and mascara put on by three very patient teachers who were in charge of the stage makeup.

I remember having to sing Stevie Wonder’s For Once In My Life, but then having to sing it in a lower register on the night, rather than Stevie’s high register. At the time, I thought it was because the music had changed key, but it was most likely due to a male puberty acceleration over those rehearsal months.

I remember crushes. Hookups. Heartbreak. Drama.

I remember pinching some of the scores from the Paduan Music Department after it all finished, so I could learn the chords to Howzat, The Morning After and Midnight At The Oasis. I think they’re still sitting on top of my piano.

I remember sitting around and playing Time Of Your Life and American Pie. A lot. This is one of my greatest regrets. It was just embarrassing on my part.

I remember T-shirts being signed and one of my friends ending everything he wrote with "dot com".

I remember three cast parties and my first heavy drinking experiences.

Such an impact this show had on me that, for years, I wanted to base a TV comedy around it, until the “high school musical” craze came along, perpetuated by the movies of the same name as well as Summer Heights High. In fact, given the regular "theatrical" plotlines in We Can Be Heroes and SHH, I imagine Chris Lilley had his own similar experiences which affected him.

I’ve still seen the occasional person around Chermside that I recognize from the show. I went to uni with a couple of them. I know several moved to Melbourne to follow their dreams. Some have married, some have kids.

The glory of Facebook means that from time to time I stumble across a familiar name from those days. I’ll add them - if they accept, awesome; if they don’t, that’s no problem.

I have no photos, and I lost my script. I have a VHS copy of the show that I don’t dare watch unless I want to just plain freak myself out. But I thought I’d post a bit about Telethon ’77 on my blog here, because it really did have an effect on my life back then.

I’m just stunned to think that ten years have passed and then think about what’s happened since then.

I hope you're all well.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Comedy Festival Is Coming

I discovered this morning, while browsing the Melbourne International Comedy Festival site, that The Westpac ATM - which won at the Short Film Competition last year - is embedded on their Short Film site this year (albeit at a reduced resolution). Still, sweet. :)

I don't have anything to enter this year, but it's an interesting twist what they're doing - saves them having to give out money for prizes and they can charge for tickets. But I like that they're actually making a show out of it - Scott Brennan should be quite comedically theatrical as the emcee.

Flights are booked, hotel is almost booked, just perusing the guide of what to see - I'm open to suggestions during the Festival (provided they're within the dates of the 18th to the 25th).