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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Through To The Semis

Last night, I managed to get through to the second round of the Raw Comedy competition at the Sit Down Comedy Club in Brisbane. I did a couple of songs that went a lot damn better than I thought they would.

The semi-final is March 11th - so, a while away. Not sure what to do till then.

P.S. I never realized how good the Sit Down must have been to get a hold of the domain name "". Good work guys.


There's a big sale on underwear at work today - 25% off. And on top of that, we had two racks of very heavily reduced ladies' underwear - briefs, g-strings, boylegs, bras, etc. I'm talking, like $3 each minimum.

And it occurred to me that men never get underwear that cheap. Why?

Is it because ladies' underwear is stylish, hence come in and out of season? As opposed to guys' underwear, of which style is not an issue?

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