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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Law Revue Video Diaries - Part Two

Bugger it. While I'm at it, I'll finish out Act One ...



  • Ah, this one was my baby. My underappreciated baby. I wrote it last year (2004) but apparently, we didn't have enough time to properly edit it or add the effect. BUT NOT THIS YEAR! No siree bob. I knew how to make it and yes, it was time consuming.

    I had to find newsreel footage - which I could only find on some library-borrowed VHS tapes. My friend Anthony captured them to DVD for me, then I had to go through and find specific shots to use, capture THOSE shots from the DVD, reformat them and edit them into the video.

  • It was shot in colour, then turned into black and white in editing (effectively turning Grdo's red jack and fez white).

  • Once finished, it was recorded to my camera, then RE-captured through good old Windows Movie Maker to add the grainy film effect. (2009 ed.: If I'd done this today, it would have been about twenty times easier in terms of interpolating stock footage and visual effects, but it was all a learning process)

  • In the writers scene, Adrian has the UQLS typewriter on his lap. I have no idea if it actually worked. In the background, you can see the RE calendar for 2005, and also someone's handwriting that says "Mandy Rulz!" - a reference to then-president Mandy Rowell. Anachronism!

  • I got the music from the end credits of "Newsfront". It's "On The Road To Gundagai", even though I originally wanted "It's A Long Way To Tipperary".

  • I have about twenty minutes of footage of the boys just mucking around and having fun on this one. We've got a pie in the face, a banana peel slip, a Three Stooges eye gouge (or two), a Charlie Chaplin waddle, fake moustaches, etc.

"The House Of Lords"

  • I remembered thinking how we were going to top the Michael Kirby cameo in the show in 2004, and I remember thinking that the only way to top it, would be to leave the country and go to the House of Lords in London and introduce the show from there.

    After numerous attempts at winning various contests to win a trip to London to do so failed, I abandoned the idea.

  • LUCKILY, Marc casually mentioned that Jen was heading to London in the July break and would be happy to film stuff for us. YAY Jen!

  • The whole "neighbour of the House of Lords" was Marc's idea - it also got us some vox pops in the show, which Grdo had been begging for.

  • It's the 80's theme from Neighbours which plays, and a crappy midi version of Rule Brittania. I couldn't find a decent real audio copy at short notice (this was edited the week before the show).

"Sync Or Swim"

  • I got this idea for this when my sister started uni in 2005 and got a UQ sport brochure. I noticed there was no synchronized swimming offered by UQ Sport - I'm not sure why I was even looking for it, just as a joke.

  • Most of the jokes for this sketch came from myself, Alex, Marc, Daniel and Grdo sitting around a table in the Red Room after an "official" scriptwriting session.

  • This beat out three or four other mockumentary ideas, including a quite funny one by Nick about Suri taking on stand-up comedy. I really wanted to do that one but we couldn't for three reasons: one, Jonathan Crowe (who was a Gareth Keenan-like supporting character) was VERY hesitant about how much he wanted to do for the show; two, Suri was hardly ever available, and; three, we had Sync Or Swim.

  • All of the pool scenes we shot at the Somerville House pool, after Daniel pulled some strings. Not only was it heated (which we needed in July/August) but it also had a grandstand. The UQ pool, at the time, had neither of these. Giselle was the only person who ever mentioned that the pool was not the UQ one.

  • Alex wore my boardies. I was late for filming because I was racing around the city trying to find a pair of red DT's (at Alex's request) and ended up getting children's ones accidentally. Needless to say, Alex felt they were uncomfortable and impractical, so we went with the boardies.

  • Alternate songs I'd thought of for the performance were "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen, "I Would Do Anything For Love" by Meatloaf, "Run To Paradise" by the Choirboys, "I've Had The Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benetar and "She Drives Me Crazy" by The Fine Young Cannibals.

  • The underwater shots were filmed through a viewing window in a gym underneath the pool. Even Giselle - who went to Somerville - didn't know about this viewing window.

  • Despite popular believe, the appearance Tom's arse crack at the end was completely unintentional - I didn't even realize it until I was editing the sketch that night.

  • A training montage WAS actually planned, but scrapped for time - you would have seen Mick dunking their heads in buckets of water, doing star jumps in the dance studio, etc.

  • There was also a Kill Bill homage that was cut involving a prior coach, spoofing the scene when Lucy Liu chops off a guy's head.

  • The sweet orchestral music at the end is called "Milk and Cookies", written by R.E.M. for the soundtrack of Man On The Moon. I'd used this in the very first video I ever edited on Windows Movie Maker. Hayley L. asked me if this was Thomas Newman's score from Meet Joe Black, and while it wasn't, I totally gave her props for liking that soundtrack.

So that's my audio commentary that could have been of the videos from Act One. I'll post my notes from Act Two soon...

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