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Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 In Fireworks

Happy New Year everyone!

On the 6PM news bulletin last night, the fireworks organizers in Brisbane (or "pyrotechnists" as they called themselves) said that the midnight fireworks display over Southbank would be a display titled "2008: The Year That Was".

Most unoriginal title ever.

But I thought to myself how on earth they would represent the events of a year in firework form and in such a way that people could actually identify the events they were depicting.

3... 2... 1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

[sing Auld Lang Syne]

[play Coldplay's Vida La Vida now]

Oooooooh... pretty.

There's Heath Ledger's death...

... and that's Kevin Rudd apologizing to the Aboriginal people...

Look out!! The Corey Delaney firework is going to destroy some property.

WOAH!! 250,000 fireworks just appeared at once in the shape of a crucifix? Must be World Youth Day. They're probably going to make the other fireworks sick with the flu.

Kevin Rudd: "Is this Bill Henson's part of the fireworks display? Disgusting..."

Here's the ABC Learning Centre fireworks segment - now Eddy Groves has insisted that, despite rumours, these fireworks are fine and solvent and parents don't have to worry. ... oh ... oh no, they've stopped them.

OOooooooh, that Barack Obama firework is MUCH bigger than the John McCain one. The McCain firework is probably nearing its use by date.

That brown firework... that must be the poo flavoured ice cream from that hotel...

Oooh, that pretty red one must be the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony. But I think they're using the sound of a less attractive but actually talented firework.

Look out!! The Corey Delaney firework is coming back! It won't go away! It just keeps coming back.

Okay... big finale ... wait... wait... here comes the Baz Luhrmann's Australia firework... it's going to be huge... wait for it ... WAAAAAAIT FOR IT.... ...
... ...

... huh ...

.... well, that was disappointing.

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