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Monday, November 3, 2008

Updates - 4/11

So this is what's going on with various projects...

22 Sketches You Must See Before You Die

All of our scripts and songs for the show we're performing on November 22nd and 23rd at the Metro Arts complex on Edward Street in Brisbane are about to start being rehearsed.

There's some very funny stuff that I've read from the others guys that are provocative, surreal and snappy. I have so far been cast as a chicken, a horse and an Asian... not all at the same time, of course. I can't wait to get into rehearsals. I've contributed five songs and one sketch - more than likely at least two of those will be cut for time/not making the show too musical. Two of the songs I've written I will make videos for and post on YouTube.

Engineering Videos

I have four more engineering/mining/resources videos in the pipeline (pun intended) - one is a song that's recorded and I have to shoot, another one I'm waiting on approval to do, and two more that I'm yet to crystallize as ideas, just vague concepts.

Second Chance Program

I'm also assisting a local organization called the Second Chance Program which raises awareness and raises funds for other charitable groups which assist homeless women. They're a small group of benevolent and very caring locals who do this job selflessly and for no pay to try and get accommodation for women who would otherwise be living in extremely dangerous conditions on the street. They're prone to violence, rape, poor hygeine, unable to access dental care or clean underwear. It's shocking to hear that in Australia, 1 out of 57 females between the ages of 15-19 are living on the streets.

I'm helping them out by producing two PSA's for them for a fund raising function next year, but I thought I would raise awareness of them on my blog here first.

From their site...

Nearly 80 women who would otherwise have been sleeping rough have been housed through the SCP partnership with the Brisbane Housing Company – and the ‘bridge the gap program’. Close to fifty women have been accommodated in Bed 14 at the Anglican Women’s Hostel, and have been provided with counselling, services, and assistance with appropriate accommodation.

Because it is young women who are now in such great need, most recently SCP has embarked on a program with Zig Zag in housing young women and assisting them to lead independent lives: Funds have also been provided to Bahloo to reunite young women with their supportive families.

I'll keep a link to their page on the side of my page as well. You can click through and learn about what they do and how you can get involved - whether it's making a direct donation or organizing a school/church raffle, etc.

Other YouTube stuff
  • The YouTube AusOne Gathering is coming up in a few weeks. I am still as yet unsure if I will go, since it conflicts with some personal/family stuff up here, but I would love to go down to Sydney if I can.

  • I have a video where I can FINALLY use my Guy Fawkes mask coming up this week.

  • Nova 106.9 is running a competition for their breakfast crew I want to enter soon - a 20 second tv spot that could score you $20,000.

  • A prominent Aussie YouTuber liked my Unsubscribed song (which I admit I botched the performance of in that video) so I sent him the much much better mp3 file I'd recorded and mixed and he may have a go of doing a very cool video to it. No time of arrival yet, but I'm super psyched to see what he does with it. :)

  • Bob Dylan's Facebook Song may appear on British TV by the end of the year, but I'm yet to get confirmation on that, so I won't say anymore, but that's pretty cool.

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