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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Update - 16/11

Less than one week to 22 Sketches... it's a fun and exciting process, but, Baz Lurhmann-style, it's going to come damn close to the wire. A lot of work left to be done in a week. But like I said, exciting. But nervous.

I'm in a sketch where I have to pretend to do something of a rather sexual nature. And I'm suddenly really happy my grandmother's not going to be in the audience. Yet I feel I'm going to have difficulty looking at my mother in the eye in the foyer afterwards.

I performed some of the songs from the show at an open mic night for Ignatians, and they went down really well - it's a shame the show's sold out that I didn't have any tickets to pimp. I did an extended version of Anne where I was adding extra gags to see if they got laughs. I think it works fine in its current form, and will go down well in the show as well. :)

Due to people being dispersed across the country today and with official law school duties that could not be avoided, I had a Sunday at home for once. I thought about doing a video for this Nova competition which closes tomorrow, but I didn't have a decent idea or the energy, so instead, I recorded and filmed this silly little song.

YouTube user jewelchic invited people to post comments or video responses to a particular video she won't watch again until her birthday on December 8th (here is the original video). I haven't seen a lot of her videos yet (and there are a LOT of them), but I've been in a musical/songwriting state of mind at the moment so I ran on an impulse and wrote a short song for her birthday.

I think it would be fun to just keep posting musical video responses to videos I find interesting. They're a lot of work, but fun to keep my musical intuition active. And it might set me up as something unique online.



Anonymous said...

Some of your ideas seem rather italian to me, they remind me of the film A dangerous therapy with Robert De Niro and Billy Cristal; not that I suggest you have something to do with the mafia...

Anonymous said...

Short of decent ideas? How about cheking out the indecent ones?