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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nailin' Palin

Sarah Palin in college with a funny shirt. No wait, it's a pun. It's not as funny. But there is a point.

I don't think I can remember a time when a political candidate has had "sex appeal" used as a positive descriptor. And yet, here we are.

Hustler is fast tracking a porn titled "Nailin' Palin" to be released before the election to capitalize on the mood. See the report at the Huffington Post with further details links.

Just what we need - a probing and incisive cinematical insight at an important political time in the United States.

Fast tracked to coincide with the election. Just like Oliver Stone's W.

Well... not exactly like W.

One is hoping W. features no graphic Bush-Cheney-Rumsfield gay love three way. While Condy operates the camera.

Then again... Stone DID make Alexander...

Anyway, since the two hallmarks of Governor Palin that satirists are drawing on are ... well, take your pick, but let's just go with 1) her sex appeal as a MILF and 2) her lack of foreign policy experience.

So I thought I would highlight three funny comediennes playing up the "political sex symbol" angle of the potential Vice-President. Or President.


Contestant number #1 - Tina Fey.

Because, seriously, who else at SNL was going to play her? ... well, Kristen Wiig maybe. Tina's nailed the impression but do you think it's actually sexy? I know she's got some people crushing on her. She may not be Scarlett or Jessica or Natalie, but she's got boys (and girls) who think she be a sexy mama.

Dear god. If those Tina Fey crushes combine with Sarah Palin crushes, and then they collide over the Eastern Seaboard, combining with a front coming in from the north.

... My god. It'll be the Perfect Sexy Lady With Glasses Storm.


#2 - LisaNova.

The wacky YouTube funny lady could have easily just flaunted her D-cupped cleavage, like she seems to do with almost all of her other characters. But she's yet to do with that with Sarah Palin, and I think that's a good choice. Bespectacled, pursed lips and business suit attired. She doesn't do the voice as well as Tina, but it's definitely better than I could do. It's a solid character for Lisa and she looks quite a gosh darn bit like Sarah.


#3 - Amber Lee Ettinger aka Obama Girl.

Definitely the youngest of the three competitors, her take on Sarah Palin is not nearly as subtle as Tina or Lisa, with her in a bikini or removing her underwear to put on eBay. She's not so much going for subtlety or satire. She's just putting the sexuality out there.

But, hey, it's Barely Political - really, what were you expecting?

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