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Sunday, October 12, 2008

My New Camera

On Friday, I bowed to demand that I take my videomaking a little more seriously and dropped a pretty penny (as opposed to a slapper of a penny) on a Sony HVR-Z1P. I've previously blogged about it. It's the most expensive item I've ever bought myself.

Some people buy cars, some people buy houses, some people buy trips overseas.

Me? I bought a camera.

When I asked a handful of different people I know who use them (filmmakers, actors, video producers, etc.) it was the model that came up the most often as highly recommended. It's a significant jump up from the Panasonic consumer grade camera I'd been using before - significantly higher resolution (hi-def 1080i v my old one's 720x576), 16:9 widescreen, audio control levels, focus and zoom dials, iris adjustment - basically a LOT more control over the image than I used to. Emily speculated that if I'd shot Pass It On on this kind of camera it would have done better in Tropfest. I don't know about that, but it is a more heavy duty camera.

I shot the Corrs Christmas party video with it on Saturday - risky since I hadn't had too much of a play around with it - but it worked quite well. It was a fun day. :)

The resolution when I captured the footage to computer is impressively clear. There's still a few tricks I need to work out with it though...

I wanted to test it out and see what it would be like for posting video blogs/songs to YouTube - particularly the mike. I did a test video of me singing Unsubscribed - a song I'd written and recorded but not shot a video yet - to test it out. Not entirely happy with it (mostly due to my shitty performance) but it's an experiment. When I get around to doing the real video, I'll delete this one.

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