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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Short Films In Canberra

This week, Canberra's Floriade Festival is having some themed short film nights, tying in with the theme of this year's festival "Films That Shaped The Nation".

Thursday night (the 25th of September) is the "Comedy Shorts" night, where they'll be showing comedy shorts from Over The Fence, Tropfest and The Comedy Festival - starting at 7:30PM.

Luckily, a few months back, I was asked to submit The Westpac ATM, after it won in Melbourne. I'm not going to make it down to see it, but hopefully, they'll still screen it on Thursday night. :)

Also, Wednesday night is the Top Of The Trops / Best of Tropfest Night and Friday is the Best of the Melbourne International Animation Festival - both of which should be very fun and have some quality flicks.

For more info on Floriade, click here. It runs from September 13th to October 12th - a fun and beautiful Spring festival.

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