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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Post It Notes And Paper Planes

Last night, I was working with a green screen I've made in my living room for an upcoming engineers video, took a break and watched a video by Michael Buckley, aka WHATTHEBUCK, on his more personal channel peron75.

I decided to be bold and posted my first video blog as a response to a video of his about grade five, and me being me, decided to tell two stories of heartbreak that in retrospect are kinda funny.


Played around with a Sony HVRZ1P camera today for about an hour to do a test run - worth about six grand, shoots HDV. Love it. Want one.

I also watched the videos for the 2008 UQ Med Revue today. I was stunned. I didn't see the show with an audience, but holy good goddamn I was stunned. In a bad way. Terrible. Usually, there are one or two videos that are good - last year's Nathan Proctor: Bush Doctor was very funny and the law revue guys loved the dig at us. But from what I heard, the videos for the 2008 show were made by the guys who did the atrociously bad and unfunny Harry Potter/Big Brother video last year. Technically and humourlessly bad. Ryan's Law Revue videos were miles - countrysides - better conceptually, technically and comedically.

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