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Monday, September 29, 2008

A Little Sheep

"Mary had a little sheep... lamb..."

Wrote a script on the bus yesterday, transcribed it tonight. Shot and edited it. This was intended to go into the sketch show I'm involved with in November, but I wanted to see how difficult it would be to say. It is. :p

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Penis-Related Vocation"

Let me stress - I do not have anything against urologists. I respect anyone, any doctors, who save lives.

This was simply a random thought process on voluntary penis-related vocation offspun from a little bit of overheard excessive revelation.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Short Films In Canberra

This week, Canberra's Floriade Festival is having some themed short film nights, tying in with the theme of this year's festival "Films That Shaped The Nation".

Thursday night (the 25th of September) is the "Comedy Shorts" night, where they'll be showing comedy shorts from Over The Fence, Tropfest and The Comedy Festival - starting at 7:30PM.

Luckily, a few months back, I was asked to submit The Westpac ATM, after it won in Melbourne. I'm not going to make it down to see it, but hopefully, they'll still screen it on Thursday night. :)

Also, Wednesday night is the Top Of The Trops / Best of Tropfest Night and Friday is the Best of the Melbourne International Animation Festival - both of which should be very fun and have some quality flicks.

For more info on Floriade, click here. It runs from September 13th to October 12th - a fun and beautiful Spring festival.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nerds Who Steal

Just one time at work, I would like to someone to get caught shoplifting a World of Warcraft subscription game card.

So when security takes them away, I could laugh and tell them NOW they got pwned.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Inconvenient Engineering Truth

So this is the sixth engineering related video, "An Inconvenient Engineering Truth".

It was my first time experimenting with chroma key. It kinda worked.

Like I said in the last post, a big thanks to all of the guys and gals who came along for an hour on a Friday afternoon to the Hawken Building to help out. :)

This also turned out to be the 100th video I'd uploaded to my YouTube account.

I have another editing job to do then I'm going to work on a music video/non-engineering one, so stay tuned. :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

One Hundred Kay

Another video on my channel crossed the 100,000 view mark - "300: The Mel Gibson Ending." Yay! Posted on September 20th, 2007 - just shy of a year ago. Not strictly viral, but still, yay. :)


I've finished an early cut with effects etc. of the next engineering video - I'll post it in the next week, pending approval. I like it. I wish there had been more engineering kids who came to help with it, but I was very grateful to the ones who did come along for an hour or two and help out, so thank you to those guys. You'll get to see your work soon. :)

Here's a teaser image ...

I'll try as hard as I can to get a non-engineering video posted at the same time, so that there's something for everyone.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The MPAA Hates Kevin Smith (AV Club)

Like most, I am regularly stunned by the hypocrisy of the MPAA. It's been a while since we've heard about the Office of Film and Literature Classification kick up a stink about censorship (movie censorship I mean - there was that itty bitty bit of hot water the Bill Henson artwork fiasco boiled up).

Here is the MPAA's latest. This was pointed out by The Onion's AV Club (both images taken from that page - "The MPAA Hates Kevin Smith")...



Amelie Gilette at The AV Club comes to the quite funny conclusion that...
"The MPAA hates sexual imagery, unless it involves Dane Cook. "
Fully clothed and quite innocently looking people with tufts of hair: bad. Dane Cook, completely nekkid, smug and cocky smile with a blonde head of hair at his groin: okay.

The AV Club pointed out that they're not sure if the Dane Cook one (or the Jessica Alba one with her clutching a phallic, dripping ice-cream cone) were approved by the MPAA or if they were just part of an internet campaign, but the Dane Cook one does turn up on the IMDB page for the movie - does this mean anything?

After watching Kirby Dick's This Film Is Not Yet Rated - a hilarious and scathing documentary about the MPAA - a part of me is suspicious that it's the image of Elizabeth Banks getting head and that big happy grin on her face. In fact, not even the grin - it's clearly a ridiculous, non-in-the-throes-of-ecstacy grin - I think it's just the cunnilingus they're uncomfortable with. It seems - from the evidence in that doco - that seeing women being pleasured sexually freaks them out a lot more than men.

I also recommend this short but funny article posted there too about censoring/revising Watchmen E.T.-re-released style ("The MPAA Thinks You're Stupid").

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How You Could Have Spent The End Of The World

The Courier Mail had this as the first sentence of an article written at the time of the activation of the Hadron Collider...
A SECOND deadline for the end of the world has passed after scientists switched on a massive machine which some experts feared could destroy the planet.
Read that. The second deadline for the end of the world. Two deadlines in rapid succession. Of the end of the world.

How could I not have heard about this device until today? I can't really be that ignorant can I?

Then again, I only just found out last week that Andrea Bocelli is blind. I'm sorry, but I always just assumed he was concentrating when he was closing his eyes.

Actually, that's not true. I heard about it once before - in the "offbeat" section of the news. You know, the section where there's a story about some crazy person in Asia or Europe who's done something wacky like set a world record for the most bras he can unhook in a minute or survived a fall from a space shuttle while nude or something. The story I'd read said some German scientist was attempting to get a court order to prevent it being turned on. A week later, the machine's being turned on.

Now, I'm not a particle physicist and I know absolutely nothing about atom smashing, so perhaps I'm missing something here, but from what I gather, if it works, this device is potentially a $9 billion dollar Genesis machine. Which in theory sounds cool.

Was this not the villains' plan in Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan? You can't use a Genesis device where there's already life!! It fucks it up, all doomsday like!

(NOTE: Methinks this "end of the world" thing has been spectacularly simplified for the 98% of the world who don't get particle physics nor own Particle Physics For Dummies.)

Anyways, it concerns me either way that when I turned on the TV tonight as it was being switched on, not one single news network in Australia was covering it live - a $9 billion dollar device fifteen years in the making which has a chance of destroying the earth, and nobody's on top of it. I followed along with a Twitter account had set up to follow it.


But I thought a couple of things when I discovered this potential doomsday device was being turned on today...
  • One - if the world is destroyed by physics nerds, I'm going to be so pissed off.

  • Two - if I had been at work when the world ended, the last words I could very well have said could have been "Did you have a Fly Buys card with you today?".

    Yup. Nothing deep and poetic like Ned Kelly ("Such is life.") or witty like Oscar Wilde ("Those drapes go, or I do."). Nope, the last words to pass my lips in this world might be "Team member to stationery please for customer assistance."

Someone I know (a female) mentioned that if they knew that the end of the world was imminent, they'd go out and instigate a spontaneous orgy. In fact, not even an orgy - they'd go out and just get one last root. Now, in theory, this sounds like a great idea - it's the end of the world, there are no inhibitions, no consequences, but then I thought...

"Hmmm... I don't know if I handle that kind of pressure."
"What pressure?"
"It's just a case of go out and say what the hell, why not?"
"Well, you say that, but, look what if it goes wrong?"
"What do you mean?"
"You're going to be the last person that this woman has sex with. The last ever."
"So I mean, with a lot of guys, they're nervous enough as it is about their performance. To be the last ever man to have sex with her, that's pressure."
"Uh huh."
"It's crap enough to go through an apocalypse. Imagine that coupled with frustration of having not reaching orgasm moments before."
"Oh my god..."
"And worst of all, I don't want the last thing I say is "That's never happened before. Sorry. Can we try again in half an hour?" "No! No we can't try again in half an hour! There'll be no planet in half an hour, let alone another erection!""

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Post It Notes And Paper Planes

Last night, I was working with a green screen I've made in my living room for an upcoming engineers video, took a break and watched a video by Michael Buckley, aka WHATTHEBUCK, on his more personal channel peron75.

I decided to be bold and posted my first video blog as a response to a video of his about grade five, and me being me, decided to tell two stories of heartbreak that in retrospect are kinda funny.


Played around with a Sony HVRZ1P camera today for about an hour to do a test run - worth about six grand, shoots HDV. Love it. Want one.

I also watched the videos for the 2008 UQ Med Revue today. I was stunned. I didn't see the show with an audience, but holy good goddamn I was stunned. In a bad way. Terrible. Usually, there are one or two videos that are good - last year's Nathan Proctor: Bush Doctor was very funny and the law revue guys loved the dig at us. But from what I heard, the videos for the 2008 show were made by the guys who did the atrociously bad and unfunny Harry Potter/Big Brother video last year. Technically and humourlessly bad. Ryan's Law Revue videos were miles - countrysides - better conceptually, technically and comedically.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

In A Woooooorld Without Don LaFontaine

One of the legendary trailer voiceover artists Don LaFontaine passed away on September 1, 2008 from complications from a blood clot in his lungs. He was 68. He started performing movie trailer and TV spot voices overs after filling in as a replacement on the MGM produced Gunfighters of Casse Grande in 1964. He is credited as the man who introduced the phrase "In a world ..." to the movie trailer vocabulary.

Here is an interesting look at one of the most loved Hollywood figures. He is survived by his wife and three daughters.

And HERE is an excellent short film of Don and other voice-over actors parodying themselves.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Revue Videos ...

Some more videos from the show have turned up today on YouTube, on Ryan's channel.
  • The Jury Room - a very slickly written, shot and performed mockumentary about the operation of the jury system and the people who inhabit it.
  • Law Puns and More Law Puns - good to see the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme is still getting played, I always thought it was a wacky sounding theme, it works well with these.
  • Library Noir - again, a really well written and shot one. Forgan Smith looks so seedy...
  • I Heart Learning Guide - a sweet little tragic romance that's doomed to end badly.
There's still the opening credits to be uploaded.

Again, here's the playlist I've set up...

So that's what a Law Revue looks like ...

Last week, I attended my first UQ Law Revue that I wasn't involved with since 2003 - "No Contracts For Old Men". As usual, it was an excellent show - congratulations to Jo Sri, Steve Mylonas, Arthur Abal, Evelyn Peter, Nick Spinks, Fee Whaley, Pav Zielinski, Julia Noble, James Schlunke, Donnie Mourginos, Anna Carlson, Whitney Kapa, Matthew Hendry and Georgie Horsburgh.

(I put in all the names of the cast because I know some of you are going to google yourselves and see who's talking about you and the show. ;p )

I went twice - Thursday night, I had my anxiety attack and got emotional; Saturday night, I went and appreciated the show again.

Stage highlights for me? Billy The Tallest Kindergartner In The World (a one joke sketch that doesn't overstay its welcome); The Joke Shop Sketch (deconstructural humour at its best); Crime After Crime (a very funny and beautiful ballet); The Garden Of Eden; Pride And Bias (a Jane Austen-ish period drama scene breaks the fourth wall until the whole house comes down).

A sketch about a solicitor getting dumped by his clients didn't work as well on Thursday night, but was fantastic on Saturday night.

Low point? The staff sketch was poorly and hastily written in my opinion - it was akin to Meet The Spartans and Epic Movie in the sense that there was no plot, no story, no forward momentum, just a parade of impressions of staff saying who they are - "I'm ... " - "Hey everyone, it's ... !" - "Harrrrooo... I'm .... ". You may as well have had them come out, say their name, they get them kicked in the balls, or run over by a bus. The lack of plot made it seem nastier than usual. But I liked the gentle ribbing of Russ Hinchy's way of telling students to write things down and then suddenly change his mind and "just listen". That was cute.

It was probably the most self-referential revue I'd been to - with injokes, references to past shows. After one sketch where this ran rampant, someone behind me exclaimed quite loudly "I don't get it!"

The choreography was excellent (well done Ev), particularly in Crime After Crime and a reworded version of Feist's 1,2,3,4. Sound issues meant a lot of the lyrics for the faster and/or louder songs were not always clear e.g. Fall Out Boy's Thanks For The Memories (Thanks For The LLB), Mamma Mia (My Career), a Girl Band Medley. I was humming Mika's Happy Ending (Revue Is Ending/SWOTVAC's Pending) for two days after - a very sweet and vocally impressive finale.


And then the videos...

Now, I did the videos for the show for three years, and they were pretty successful, both at the show and on YouTube. I got a job or two out of it. I was the Revue Video Guy. I got a rep. This year, Ryan Van Dijk took over. I met Ryan at Tropfest this year, he'd auditioned for the show a few years back, now he was a fifth year law student who made short films in his spare time. He did a quite funny Tropfest entry called "Right Hand Man" which I saw and laughed at - I told Jo to get in touch with him, he could be useful.

The predominant reason I had an anxiety attack Thursday night was because I was floored by how good they were.

Ryan and his brother Shaun (co-director) knocked it out of the park. Armed with a six grand camera and a Mac to edit on, Ryan produced some very slickly planned, shot and edited videos that ranged from the gutbusting hilarious to the subtle and quite sweet. It convinced me I need to get a better camera. I'm shopping this week.

Massive congrats to Ryan - from one revue video director to the next, I feel like the torch has been passed now. I have closure. :)

Ryan's started posting the videos on line (in both standard and high definition). I'll post the links as they come online...
And here is a playlist I'm making up ...


So yeah - that was my first revue back that I wasn't involved with. It was a fantastic two nights out. A suitable mix of laughter, regret and a little bit of judgment. It was a shame that, unlike last year, there wasn't one big ex-revue group going to sit in the audience - just another indication of the passage of time. I hope this group of revue kids keeps on doing it for some time.

It makes you again wonder why people want to be lawyers, when they could be doing this. :)

Thanks Pete

A blog post just to say thanks to Pete Black for pimping me on his excellent blog Freedom To Differ, which I regularly read, as a part of Blog Day, where bloggers recommend five blogs they read. Peter was kind enough to mention my blog as one of his five recommended blogs, so thanks Pete. :D

... blog.