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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Acolytes Headed Straight To DVD

Des Patridge's "Movie Guru" blog at the Courier-Mail reports that Acolytes - a creepy serial killer teen horror thriller shot on the Sunshine Coast and had a phenomenal sold out screening at the Brisbane International Film Festival - is not going to end up with a cinema release.

Distributors Palace Films aren't going to spend the money on making prints and distributing the film, which is a shame, because it was a solidly creepy piece of work that had more than its share of scary moments in it.

I don't fully understand how the distribution deal was set up, but why couldn't they apply to Screen Australia for some funding in making prints? Did the Government via the Film Finance Corporation (one of the predecessors to Screen Australia) not partially fund the production in the first place?

It wasn't a brilliant movie (the kids' acting was pretty terrible for a great deal of it), but it was definitely a different kind of movie than the ones we're used to seeing being produced in Australia.

It's disappointing, but, ah well.

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Anonymous said...

I blame Des Patridge.