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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rebel Without A Crew

Last week, I finally received my copy of Robert Rodriguez's Rebel Without A Crew. I'd read it years ago and was unable to find a copy of it in Brisbane through traditional publication outlets. Yes, even Borders. Which usually has everything. Finally came last week after I ordered it on the internet - read it.

It's still awesome. It's inspirational. I highly recommend it to anyone. Everyone.
A very easy read.

You may gloss over some of the technical stuff he says about cameras, film stock, lenses, negatives, masters, etc. but the overall story is amazing. It's his journal of his rise from making shorts in Austin, Texas to submitting himself to medical research to get a bit of money to making his first feature with no idea how far it will take him to editing and finding a distributor in the Spanish video market to getting an agent in Hollywood and getting schmoozed by everyone. The rest is history.

I posted a mention of Peter Biskind's Down And Dirty Pictures as a retrospective look at the rise of "independent" cinema in the 90's. Rebel Without A Crew is the contemporary (i.e. written at the time) look at it - it's literally his journal he wrote at the time, going to Telluride and Toronto and Sundance. How a little movie he shot on 16mm with a borrowed handheld camera and edited on video at the local television station became the talk of Hollywood. He mentions his first meeting of Quentin so casually at the time, as he does with his mention of some project he's writing called "Pulp Fiction".

And he's so humble and likeable! For a personal journal, he never says "fuck" unless he's quoting someone else who says it to him e.g. an agent or film exec. He just says "go out and make movies. Learn by process. It's more fun."

I'm glad I finally own it after looking for it for years.


I've seen my first full episode of Doctor Who. It was the Christmas special where David Tennant was introduced. He's funny. :D With bare minimal knowledge of the mythology of the Doctor, it was most entertaining.


Am currently watching An Inconvenient Truth to prepare for a sequel to March Of The Engineers. Have to have a script ready in the next few days in order to recruit cast. It will be a major step forward for me technically, as I'm probably going to have to utilize chroma key for the first time. AND how to compress it down to to four minutes. Hmmmm....

The new engineers video is finished, just waiting on approval from a secondary organization which is taking a bit longer than I thought. Will be up early this week hopefully.

To be continued.

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