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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Comedy Hour

Last week, ABC Melbourne Radio has launched "The Comedy Hour", which posted a callout earlier in the year for joke and sketch comedy writers. Myself and a handful of friends made submissions but we never heard back. :( At least some people got rejection emails.

Nonetheless, the program has debuted on ABC Melbourne radio - here is the first broadcast, in the form of a topical sketch show. A mix of sketches, commentary and songs.

Hearing what the show is now like, I'm a little disappointed none of us were contacted, let alone accepted or rejected - it seems predominantly people in Melbourne were given notice (one of the successful people was from Rockhampton). And, listening to the show, it seems like exactly the kind of thing we would have been really good at writing for.

Oh well. Best of luck with the show, Aunty. I hope it does what they set out to do - get comedy going again on the radio, as much as the BBC.

To be continued.

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