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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thanks For Nothing YouTube

A mate alerted me to the fact that five of my videos on YouTube were appearing cropped/narrowed/compressed. I contacted YouTube with this error - as they had played fine when I uploaded them well over a year ago.

YouTube Support requested I sent the links to the videos, which I did, explaining that these had worked fine when I played them in YouTube before.

Gmail has a lovely and subtle feature where you can see where someone has cut and pasted a response, these portions defined by a different text colour.

Without answering my question, they simply told me what the recommended video size/formats/frame rates were for uploading to YouTube. They ignored the fact that I had said I uploaded them along with about 30 other videos in the same format which weren't affected - which DID comply with YouTube's recommended formats.

So, I'm left with the options of leaving them as they are or deleting them, losing my hit counts and the people who'd favourited them, reuploading them and hoping that the same problem doesn't happen again.


These videos incidentally were The Amazing Race, Newsreel, Sync Or Swim, I Still Call St. Lucia Home and Intimate Injunctions. I'd post links, but hey, they're not going to be there for much longer anyway.


Steve said...

I found my videos were a little squashed too, but they go back and forth. Not sure why this is...

James said...

Hmmmmm... maybe it was just a temporary thing then. Oh well. The damage has been done and repaired - videos reuploaded.

Anonymous said...

I have discovered this happens when YouTube update their software and or servers. They do it in batches which means some stuff will be affected some not at all. Due to the amount of YouTube videos and the small amount of "screw up" batches you don't tend to see it much or for very long. It always will go back to being normal, its just part of YouTube's charm ... or annoyance.