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Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Mid-Year YouTube Resolution

A 3AM melancholy rant/update after spending a late night tweaking a new video.

I'm going to make two New Financial Year Resolutions: cut down on energy drinks, and get more active with the YouTube community.

It's occurred to me that I haven't really been doing videos for me lately - I've been doing editing jobs for various businesses and companies. And it's money - not enough to call a career yet, but still, it's money and experience.

But they're things that I can't really put on my YouTube channel - one business asked me to and I politely declined. They're a different style. They're not really the kinds of things people who have subscribed to me want to see. They'd bore most people. I don't want to post ads/videos I've done for peoples' business on my channel unless it's something I think transcends the mere advertising element of it - something I feel creatively proud of. The engineering videos are one such exception: inevitably, they're going to appeal most to engineers but I try to make them at least a little bit accessible to most people (I'm not an engineer, remember - I don't get the majority of the inside jokes, I need the objectively funny stuff to keep myself amused).

I was (effectively) a promoted YouTuber before with The Westpac ATM and Feeling Off regularly appearing on the "Promoted Videos" on the front page and on random video pages as well. I know there are other videos out there to promote obviously, but there are "promoted users" who still appear on the front page - they aren't necessarily Partners, but they're still "promoted".

And my hit counts/subscriber counts have started to stagnate. The days of Harry Potter, Westpac ATM, and whatnot going practically viral and getting featured three times in six weeks are a memory.

A cynical part of me suspects the Confessions video getting featured may have contributed to this - a featured flash in the pan, wasn't really favourited or commented upon or forwarded around. Those who did comment didn't get why it was featured. And neither did I. I didn't intend it to get featured, simply passed around engineering folk. Don't get me wrong - I was happy with Confessions - I just didn't think it was worthy of a feature on the front page.

I don't want to lose people, so I'm going to start doing more personal videos again soon - video blogs, songs, comments, video responses to people.

Just basically try to get more active and involved with the YouTube community. I think I need to show some personality to get my stuff noticed.

I hope you stay tuned.


I've also been writing two songs - one is merely ideas/lyrics floating around, the other is half-fleshed out - full music done, just fixing lyrics. That will be a fun video to do.

If only I can do it soon.

I had planned to video blog but lost time and effort. Will attempt one soon.


There's another engineering video coming in the next week. Written late last year I sat on it for a while, until I shot it a few months ago and then took ages to get around to editing it. It's kinda cool. I do some 12th Man style action in it.

After this I still have five more engineering videos due. The second Confessions Of A Vac Work Student was put on hold (and probably cancelled) because of its references to alcohol/drinking on a minesite. Which is a fair enough call, but I liked it.



Jimmy xo

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