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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Master Of My Domain

On the weekend, I invested in my own domain names - and At the moment only the Australian address is redirecting (and redirecting to here), but still, I feel it was a good investment.

Finished another editing job for QRC today, am editing the next comedy short for them as well. Am also doing some editing for the Med Students Association - I'll post the links when they're done.

At the request of QRC, am trying to think of ideas for a sequel to March Of The Engineers. I mean, a literal sequel. Except, this time, I have to do the Hostel 2 thing and replace the guys with girls - apparently, female mining engineers far outnumber male mining engineers now. Hmmm...

I'm about to attempt a video blog - wrote a script last night, I'm going to down some flat champagne and a can of V and see if I can get through it and make it interesting.

Also awesome is we're having an in-store appearance by two of the WWE wrestlers tomorrow arv during my shift, prior to their appearance at the Entertainment Centre tomorrow night. We're expecting at least 500 wrestling fans to come in. It will be mad.

To be continued.

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