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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lawyers And A Different Kind Of Coffee

The New York Times posted an article (which I found linked from Peter Bart's column at Variety) the class action lawsuit over the infamous Hot Coffee modification in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

A settlement was reached in which Rockstar Games and Take-Two Entertainment, whereby Rockstar will give a refund or replacement to anyone who purchased the game, the amount of the refund dependent upon what type of documentation/proof of purchase they had.

Out of the 21.5 million copies of the top-rated, top-selling game sold, only 2676 claims were filed.

Meaning, so far, Rockstar and Take-Two have had to pay less than US$30,000 out, while the lawyers representing the class are demanding legal fees of US$1.3 million dollars from the plaintiffs.

Does this not balance to you?

Granted, Rockstar will also have to make an $860,000 charitable donation to the ratings board for video games under the settlement as well, but that's not really going to help out the poor people who initiated the class action suit.

Peter Bart in Variety comments...
"Observers speculated that many could simply not find the sex scenes after unlocking them, while others were sufficiently distracted by all the killing and maiming around them that the secret sex scenes simply didn’t make an impression, as they were fairly tame by dweeb standards."

Read the Times article for more - such as another lawyer and fellow gamer who wants to attack the settlement.

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