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Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's Official: The Dark Knight Is Brilliant

Earlier in the week, Ain't It Cool News posted the first review of The Coolest Damn Ass Movie Of The Year aka The Dark Knight. Now, I always take my Ain't It Cool reviews with a grain of salt - they're often incredibly enthusiastic in one direction or another. I was misled by reviews of Superman Returns and Indy 4 - movies which I compared - because enthusiasm/nostalgia for these franchises and their mythologies got in the way.

Luckily a user posted The Dark Knight review (a few SPOILERS, but nothing major we don't know already) seems to be written quite objectively and rationally and not bogged down by this nostalgia or fan hysteria. Is it genuine? I don't know. But what I read excited me nonetheless. If the movie DOES suck, I'll be shown.

So what's it like?

It's a good one. Not just good - great. It's spectacular. It's surprising. It's emotional. It's scary. It's dark and conflicted. And it kicks arse. Just what we hoped.

To make this news even better, a press screening was held and Peter Travers' Rolling Stone glowing review of the movie, and pretty much confirmed everything the AICN user one said with even more objectivity and written journalistic quality.

Meaning it's official. The Dark Knight is everything we expected. :D :D :D

The review compares it to The Godfather Part 2 or an epic crime drama like Heat in terms of rich characters, with Batman/Pacino facing off against The Joker/De Niro - both characters realize they have a symbiotic kinda relationship between each other, neither can exist or have a purpose without the other. At one point, The Joker quotes Jerry Maguire to Batman and says "You complete me."

And Ledger is confirmed as scary and post-humous Oscar bait. Check out this Canadian Press article - but one of hundreds - that was posted after a press screening last Thursday night, confirming how brilliant his performance is .
"a depraved creature utterly without conscience whom the late actor played with gleeful anarchy"

Most notably the AICN review praises Aaron Eckhart. As soon as we heard Aaron Eckhart was playing Harvey Dent, the excitement for me kicked up 200%. It's excellent casting. I love how all of these comic book movies are now casting quality actors in their parts (Downey in Iron Man, Ed Norton in Hulk). Empire suggested casting Philip Seymour Hoffman for The Penguin for the next one. GLEE! :D

What caught my eye it says that everything we have seen of Harvey/Two Face online so far is FAKE!! Is this for real??

I still think that shot in one of the trailers of his head being pushed to the floor is the acid coming towards him.

It's only three more weeks. I can't wait. I cannot wait.

To quote Heath's Joker in a very different context, I will "savour the moment" this comes out.

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