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Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Did He Mention The Giant Spider?"

I watched the first half of Kevin Smith's college Q&A videos tonight, which was hilarious. When he wasn't insulting the incredibly nervous people who asked him their fanboy questions, he gave funny extended monologues and anecdotes, about his faith, including gay subtexts in his scripts out of respect for his gay brother, how he met Jason Mewes and how Mewes made the worst amateur porn ever.

The highlight for me was this long (almost twenty minute) account of how he was brought into Warner Brothers in the mid 1990's to do a rewrite on, what was at the time, the Superman reboot titled "Superman Lives".

Specifically, he recounts his encounter with completely delusional and egomaniacal Jon Peters - formerly Barbara Streisand's hairdresser turned Batman-producer with absolutely no grasp of what Superman is about and an extraordinarily strange obsession with giant spiders. He also wanted Sean Penn to play Superman.

I had tears of laughter by the end - that pause and moments of audience laughter when Smith mentions a certain title Peters went on to produce when Superman lives fell through.

It's a story of Hollywood gone mad. Every stereotype of a slick action movie Hollywood producer you'd ever seen or heard appears to be completely true in relation to Jon Peters, and it's hilarious watching Kevin Smith's stunned reactions to Peters' suggestions.

He follows this up with a slanging match with Tim Burton when the ending of Burton's Planet of The Apes coincidentally featured a similar scene to one in a comic Smith had drawn parodying the original Planet Of The Apes.

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