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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vin Diesel Is Your Hero?

A short story.

Yesterday, I caught a bus from the city to Chermside. I took my seat behind a twenty-something man with a very short haircut and a female companion. Sitting behind him, I noticed something peculiar.

On the back of his neck was a tattoo. And not just any tattoo. He was sporting an identical tattoo to that worn by Vin Diesel in the 2002 Rob Cohen-directed action pic xXx (aka Triple X).

Vin Diesel's character had this tattoo in the movie to reference a) his extreme nature (oooh) and b) the number of times he'd spent in jail.

Now, at first I thought this tattoo was fake. It was identical to the film's logo. But upon another inspection, if it was a fake tattoo, there would have been a copyright symbol with the year and attribution to Sony Pictures, or trademark "TM" letters or something, had it been taken off of a fake tattoo sticker. Hence I assumed the tattoo was real.

Now, this baffles me for two reasons.

One: is this guy inferring to me he's been to jail three times and loves extreme sports?

Two: is this guy telling me that his favourite movie of all time is a Vin Diesel movie from six years ago that most people would never see twice? And loved it so much, he decided to tattoo it onto his head??

Telling this story to two guys at work, they told me about seeing a guy who had the each of the opposing Transformers logos tattooed onto the back of each of his legs.

I love movies as much if not more than the next person, but if I WERE to tattoo some iconography from a movie or TV show I loved onto my body, I would A) make sure it doesn't date in six years and B) not make it as public.

Like getting "DUDE" or "SWEET" on my back. :)

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