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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ian McShane and Grandma Yeta

At work today I served two interesting looking older women.

One was in her late forties and I thought she was a dead ringer for Al Swearengen aka Ian McShane. It was creepy.

She handed me a $50 note then called me a "cocksucker".

The other was a woman in her seventies who reminded me instantly of Grandma Yeta from The Nanny. Except with a heavy Mediterranean accent.

Her hair was that purple rinse colour.

At what point do old ladies think this is a good idea? When has purple hair ever been a good idea?

"Oh dear I'm getting old. My hair's going grey. I know what I'll do to hide this fact: I'll colour my hair purple. Nobody will ever notice!"

It was that very strange tint of purple - like when you play around with the colour controls on your TV and you take the colour level down from 50 to 0 - you know, so you can see what The Simpsons would have looked like had they been made in the 50's - and then you just inch the colour level up to "1", so it's mostly grey but juuuuuuuuuust a hint of colour to it.

That's what she looked like.

And Ian McShane-lady just topped off the day too.

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