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Friday, May 30, 2008

Fragmented Video Updates

Ventured back to UQ today. Wet and rainy. Good. Went out on assignment to film a video for the QRC peeps - filmed an experiment about extracting copper or something. Taking the day off to edit it tomorrow.

Yesterday, I posted off a series proposal to the ABC for their Comedy Hour call for submissions. Wrote a treatment and a sample script for a format I think is quite viable. Won't say anymore here, but hopefully they like it, or at least see I can write a sketch script. Grdo, Spinks and Pizzato all made submissions as well - am hoping someone notices the UQ Law Revue on all of our resumes and makes the connection. ;)

A mate alerted me to Hamish and Andy's $10,000 "Copycat" Competition or something - where you basically have to re-enact any scene from any movie. You could win $10,000. Hence the $10,000 in the title. Obviously. Do try to keep up. Will try as hard as I can to make something for this on Sunday.

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