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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Fragmented Review of Indy 4


Harrison Ford's best performance in years. It's like he never left.

Waaaaaaay too much CGI. Bring back the stop motion melting heads. Spielberg lied about how much there'd be. Took me out of the movie. Left me feeling very hollow by the end. Like Superman Returns - there was good intention in playing on peoples' nostalgia, but got bogged down by dull finale.

The Ark reappears.

Indy survives an atom bomb explosion by hiding in a lead lined fridge.

Is there anything Alan Dale hasn't been in?

Giggled when Neil Flynn (The Janitor for Scrubs) turns up.

Heard the Grail Theme play when Indy looks at a photo of Sean Connery.

Excellent chase sequence through the rainforest, only hampered by very very very obvious chroma key.

Cool sequence involving flesh eating ants.

Marion isn't as fiery as she used to be, but very good to see her again. She and Indy were clearly meant to be together.

Shia is good. John Hurt is excellent. Jim Broadbent is a sweet and endearing replacement for Marcus, even though he never gets to go on the adventure beyond the university.

There's a subplot where the Russians are trailing Indy and co. via some tracking bugs being dropped by one of the team. I wanted it to be Marion leading the Russians because Cate Blanchett's character had brainwashed her in the few minutes where both characters had disappeared for some reason. Would have been very cool twist. Sadly, they take the obvious route with the reveal.
Climax is a big CGI love fest. Hollow. Synthetic.

Very lame final moments.

Had they made this ten years ago, would have been on par with the others. As for now, it's good, but it's not the same. Easily the weakest of the movies, but still enjoyable. Sadly, it didn't leave me with the same joy I got out of the others.

Two and a half out of five.

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