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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lost: Three Endings Sounds Familiar...

So I watched the Season 4 finale of Lost online this afternoon. As usual with each Lost finale, I loved it - brought certain storylines to an end, sets up the mystery for the next season with a cliffhanger or five. Won't go into detail here - there are a million spoiler pages for that (I recommend Lostpedia for all your Lost-ing needs.)

It was revealed on Good Morning America that they had actually shot two alternative endings to prevent spoilers being leaked. Consequently, when I discovered there were three possible endings, my mind went back to another excellent production which contained three possible endings...

Here the spoilers begin...

Friday, May 30, 2008

Fragmented Video Updates

Ventured back to UQ today. Wet and rainy. Good. Went out on assignment to film a video for the QRC peeps - filmed an experiment about extracting copper or something. Taking the day off to edit it tomorrow.

Yesterday, I posted off a series proposal to the ABC for their Comedy Hour call for submissions. Wrote a treatment and a sample script for a format I think is quite viable. Won't say anymore here, but hopefully they like it, or at least see I can write a sketch script. Grdo, Spinks and Pizzato all made submissions as well - am hoping someone notices the UQ Law Revue on all of our resumes and makes the connection. ;)

A mate alerted me to Hamish and Andy's $10,000 "Copycat" Competition or something - where you basically have to re-enact any scene from any movie. You could win $10,000. Hence the $10,000 in the title. Obviously. Do try to keep up. Will try as hard as I can to make something for this on Sunday.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weezer Does YouTube

Yet another awesome Weezer song/video called "Pork And Beans" - this one brings together the stars of YouTube.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Fragmented Review of Indy 4


Harrison Ford's best performance in years. It's like he never left.

Waaaaaaay too much CGI. Bring back the stop motion melting heads. Spielberg lied about how much there'd be. Took me out of the movie. Left me feeling very hollow by the end. Like Superman Returns - there was good intention in playing on peoples' nostalgia, but got bogged down by dull finale.

The Ark reappears.

Indy survives an atom bomb explosion by hiding in a lead lined fridge.

Is there anything Alan Dale hasn't been in?

Giggled when Neil Flynn (The Janitor for Scrubs) turns up.

Heard the Grail Theme play when Indy looks at a photo of Sean Connery.

Excellent chase sequence through the rainforest, only hampered by very very very obvious chroma key.

Cool sequence involving flesh eating ants.

Marion isn't as fiery as she used to be, but very good to see her again. She and Indy were clearly meant to be together.

Shia is good. John Hurt is excellent. Jim Broadbent is a sweet and endearing replacement for Marcus, even though he never gets to go on the adventure beyond the university.

There's a subplot where the Russians are trailing Indy and co. via some tracking bugs being dropped by one of the team. I wanted it to be Marion leading the Russians because Cate Blanchett's character had brainwashed her in the few minutes where both characters had disappeared for some reason. Would have been very cool twist. Sadly, they take the obvious route with the reveal.
Climax is a big CGI love fest. Hollow. Synthetic.

Very lame final moments.

Had they made this ten years ago, would have been on par with the others. As for now, it's good, but it's not the same. Easily the weakest of the movies, but still enjoyable. Sadly, it didn't leave me with the same joy I got out of the others.

Two and a half out of five.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ian McShane and Grandma Yeta

At work today I served two interesting looking older women.

One was in her late forties and I thought she was a dead ringer for Al Swearengen aka Ian McShane. It was creepy.

She handed me a $50 note then called me a "cocksucker".

The other was a woman in her seventies who reminded me instantly of Grandma Yeta from The Nanny. Except with a heavy Mediterranean accent.

Her hair was that purple rinse colour.

At what point do old ladies think this is a good idea? When has purple hair ever been a good idea?

"Oh dear I'm getting old. My hair's going grey. I know what I'll do to hide this fact: I'll colour my hair purple. Nobody will ever notice!"

It was that very strange tint of purple - like when you play around with the colour controls on your TV and you take the colour level down from 50 to 0 - you know, so you can see what The Simpsons would have looked like had they been made in the 50's - and then you just inch the colour level up to "1", so it's mostly grey but juuuuuuuuuust a hint of colour to it.

That's what she looked like.

And Ian McShane-lady just topped off the day too.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vin Diesel Is Your Hero?

A short story.

Yesterday, I caught a bus from the city to Chermside. I took my seat behind a twenty-something man with a very short haircut and a female companion. Sitting behind him, I noticed something peculiar.

On the back of his neck was a tattoo. And not just any tattoo. He was sporting an identical tattoo to that worn by Vin Diesel in the 2002 Rob Cohen-directed action pic xXx (aka Triple X).

Vin Diesel's character had this tattoo in the movie to reference a) his extreme nature (oooh) and b) the number of times he'd spent in jail.

Now, at first I thought this tattoo was fake. It was identical to the film's logo. But upon another inspection, if it was a fake tattoo, there would have been a copyright symbol with the year and attribution to Sony Pictures, or trademark "TM" letters or something, had it been taken off of a fake tattoo sticker. Hence I assumed the tattoo was real.

Now, this baffles me for two reasons.

One: is this guy inferring to me he's been to jail three times and loves extreme sports?

Two: is this guy telling me that his favourite movie of all time is a Vin Diesel movie from six years ago that most people would never see twice? And loved it so much, he decided to tattoo it onto his head??

Telling this story to two guys at work, they told me about seeing a guy who had the each of the opposing Transformers logos tattooed onto the back of each of his legs.

I love movies as much if not more than the next person, but if I WERE to tattoo some iconography from a movie or TV show I loved onto my body, I would A) make sure it doesn't date in six years and B) not make it as public.

Like getting "DUDE" or "SWEET" on my back. :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Good Riddance (Music Of The Night)

My Phantom / Green Day mash up that I did over the long weekend.

To specify: the SECOND long weekend. The Labour Day one.

All weekends should be three days long. Why wasn't THAT brought up at the 2020 Summit? :p

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What Matters to You

Last weekend, I helped Grdo out with a few shots for a short he wrote and directed for the Vancouver Film School Scholarship Contest being run on YouTube. It also features appearances by myself, Tom Slater and Steve Mylonas, with Grdo as himself and Bridget as his partner.

I think it's a sweet little thing he's made. :)