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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Westpac ATM @ The Melbourne Comedy Festival

First blog on a new blog site. YAY!

I made my second Melbourne Comedy Festival Trip last weekend (Friday the 28th March). Check out my MySpace blog for my in-depth yet incomplete 2007 blog on my Comedy Festival journey last year.

Anywho, this year was special because The Westpac ATM screened in the Open Season Quick and Dirty Short Film Competition, held in Federation Square. It was a humble screening - most of the audience appeared to be the family and friends of the other entrants. I was on my lonesome, as Daniel, Nick and Brendan had already purchased tickets to other shows (I changed my trip at the last moment so they weren't expecting me to be down there that weekend).

Danny McGinlay was the emcee. Gatesy from Tripod turned up halfway through to plug the Idio Clips show which I had also wanted to enter something into, but ran out of time. I'll make it anyway and save it for next year hopefully.

Out of the 11 or so videos screened, The Westpac ATM was the fourth. Which worried me at first. It was played after three awful shorts and I was worried why it had been put so close to the start. Considering the winner was chosen by audience applause at the end, people could walk away and not vote if they liked it. OR they would arrive late and not see it.

Luckily, it was well received. Not the reaction it received during the run of the Law Revue, but still it received ACTUAL LAUGHS and applause. Some people in the audience clearly remembered it from YouTube - one guy next to me said to his partner "Oh, I've seen this. This is really good." as the jazz music started up as Keckers approaches the ATM.

Cut to the end. When it came to the choosing the winner, they displayed a still from each video and the audience applauded/cheered accordingly. Several shorts by people who had friends went wild, even though their videos were not particularly funny. There were several VCA animations that were well made, but again, did not make people laugh. I make an exception for the animated short about the Australian man in the pub who wants to be an astronaut and basically becomes a friend to a lonely alien who enters the pub. It ends with a parody of An Officer and a Gentleman. Cute.

And The Westpac ATM got enough applauses and a few hoots to get it over the line. YAY! I was stunned when the emcee called me out - it took me a while to get out there. He handed me the mike, but I didn't know what to say except to say thank you to everyone for coming out and applauding for the video, and congratulations to all of the other entrants.

As Lyndal the organizer of the event mentioned to me later, it was true democracy in the most satisfying way. People who I had never met or knew liked it. It felt amazing.

Nonetheless, the prize was only $500 and a spray painted Betamax tape - neither of which I have received yet but look forward to.

Feeling Off screens in Federation Square on April 11th, but I won't be down there for it. Fingers crossed on that one. :D

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Steve said...

What a terrific experience :) congrats