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Sunday, April 27, 2008

ur fagggg, corey iz sexc! HATER!

Due to the recent rumours that have surfaced about one Corey Delaney / Worthington appearing as an intruder on Big Brother this year, the views on my Corey Delaney: The Biggest Fuckwit video have recently been going up with people STILL doing searches for this kid.

(The irony of me doing a video about Corey Delaney when my YouTube name is "almostfamous83" is not lost on me. If I could change it, I would. But I picked it years ago when it was my favourite movie. I'm stuck with it. Move on.)

The video, over the past few months, has been deluged with comments from both Corey lovers and Corey haters. The comments which I actually appreciated the most were the ones who identified the problem - that the media is the most responsible for making this kid a star, and righfully point out MY video as part of the problem. Foxtel is using a Corey look-a-like to promote some of their movie channels for God's sake.

To give you an indication of just who is leaping to Corey's defence, I thought I would share some of his supporters' comments. Exactly as they appear on the comments page.


lol @ all you clowns hating on him.. all the kid did was throw a party, you faggots. you've never had a party before? fkn nerds. im sure you wouldnt mind getting all this attention for something like that.



i agree all u haters fuck off least the kid is living for fuck sack and ur all pissed of cause u didnt think of the idea ur all jelous fucks and if ur not jelous then ur some nerd who believes in some shit this guys a legend for fuck sack leave the kid alone ur all jelous fucks



WTF just cause u's weren't at the Party it was the Bomb



omg australia makes a big deal out of him so what if he wants to have a party and watch porno getting drunk



he gonna be on big brother this yr!!!!!!

so watchin it it will be sexc!!!




you fuckin deserve to get your ass kicked so fuckin bad...seriosluy that corey delaney video was fucking so horrably gay

corey is so m uch cooler than you you cock sucking bitch. your jeolous that he is famous and your "almost famous" even tho your fuckin not and everyone wants you to rot in hell...

so next time dont talk shit about someone who has way more balls, and is sooo much cooler than you

burn in hell

nd suck a fat cock, asshole



what a fuckin shit vid not corey is not only a goose but u makin this vid and postin it up make u as fucked as him. ahahahaha that was fuckin hilarious not in this life time

almost famous u will never be famous u should b best mates with him ur both attention seekers and dreamers



Ladies and gentlemen... Corey Delaney's supporters. WOW.

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