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Thursday, April 3, 2008

That Douchebag Got Featured Again

For the third time in about six weeks, I've had a video featured on the front page of YouTube Australia. YAY! Thanks to the admin guys at YouTube!

I really cannot explain why this has happened in such a short time. At first I thought it was an April Fools Joke and if you clicked through, you'd be rickrolled. I mean, I'm honoured, but I was stunned at the first time, let alone the second.

This time it's the latest engineering video I've done for the QRC - it's "The Bubbles Incident" from the "Confessions of a Vac Work Student" series I want to continue. As at me writing this (after 24 hours), it has picked up about 11,000 more views. Average ratings so far - it wasn't really meant for all of YouTube to see, just kinda for engineering kids.

The Westpac ATM was featured around Valentine's Day - racked up about 70,000 more views. Two weeks later, Feeling Off was featured. It's had about 40,000 views since then. Thanks to Steve at SpaceboyProductions, who guest edited the front page that second time - PLEASE check out his videos, they are slick, funny and one or two are frankly quite heartstring tugging.

Have about 60% of the next Confessions done (all shot, just needs retooling), but am working on another one before I polish that one off. Hoping to shoot this weekend, but am just waiting on a cast member to call me back.

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